What Experience Can We Help You Create?  Music is for everyone. So is amazing hifi. Your perfect system awaits.


Make Home Your Favorite


The stuffy stereo store stereotype  BLOWN AWAY.

Come to listen. Come to learn. Come to just look around. We’re HiFi Buys 2.0! We’re Atlanta’s favorite low-pressure place to experience mid to high-end home hifi system solutions and create the best possible system for your unique wants and needs.


Not just a store. AN EXPERIENCE.


  • Serious fun.
  • We get to show you what we have.
  • You get to see, touch and even hear our huge spread of 20+ amazing systems
  • The largest, best curated setup of serious hifi in the Southeast
  • Get to know us – what we do, how much we love this stuff too.
  • Check out the HiFi Museum of really cool vintage gear.
  • Zero in on the systems you love most.
  • Get ready to Test Drive ‘em yourself.

Test Drive

  • Set up your own listening and viewing session
  • We hand you an iPad and a remote.
  • You pick the music or movie clips, and play them as loud as you want.
  • Hear, watch, experience – you really can audition everything.
  • We move gear around in the room so you can hear the same speakers on different systems.
  • Learn, feel, find out what sounds best to you.
  • We leave the room. You just relax & focus.


  • Get to know us, and we’ll get to know you.
  • What kind of music do you love?
  • How do you listen? What do you watch? How loud?
  • Real open conversation to get to what you really want to create.
  • Not just, “What’s your budget? Here’s our products. Open your trunk.”
  • Listen, share, have fun, repeat.
  • Learn more than you ever thought you could about hifi.


1. Make a trip out of it. Lots of folks do, from newbies to geeks in Brookhaven, Alpharetta and the metro Atlanta area, just to experience these amazing hifi speakers and audio systems. (We’ll even give you some restaurant recommendations and other things to check out in Buckhead too.)

2. Think ahead. What are your 3 favorite songs? We’ll look ’em up and put ‘em on, from system to system.

3. Bring some vinyl. Our turntables. Your music. We have a killer collection of albums for sale, too.

4.Or bring your CDs & Blu-rays. We have stuff that will play those too.

5. Or just stumble in. Bring your curiosity, your love of music, and prepare to be blown away.


  • 1 We make high-end hifi easy and fun.
  • 2 The best of the best at price points for everyone.
  • 3 Our passion and expertise make your hifi money go further.
  • 4 Get all of your questions answered. We’d love to share this awesome passionate hobby with you.
  • 5 Bring your own music or movies to experience your favorites like never before.
  • 6 Get a tour, take a “test drive”, learn a ton, or just hang out and listen.
  • 7 No pushy salesmen – just a love of music, technology and sharing it with people.
  • 8 In-home consultations. We make it easy – from design through installation.
  • 9 Events. Learn from the pros, listen to some great music, and have fun.
  • 10 Trade-ins. We’ll get rid of your old equipment so that you don’t have to.
  • 11 HiFi Buys 2.0 – locally owned and operated. We love Atlanta.