About Us

After 20 years in business, Audio Alternative is now HiFi Buys! We are proud to introduce our new storefront and to bring this iconic Atlanta brand back to Buckhead later in 2015. Until then, we continue to welcome customers to our store in Lilburn that has been open since 1995. We are proud of our history and the relationships we have built during the last two decades.

We have always specialized in mid- to high-end audio equipment with a very knowledgeable and passionate staff. Collectively, our staff has over 100 years of experience, and we are passionate about creating a remarkable and memorable in-store experience.

Our joy is to share with you some history of this wonderful hobby and to enrich your lives and homes with a soothing listening experience. From the time you enter our store or visit our website, you’ll notice that attention has been paid to you, our customer, in ways you can only find at HiFi Buys.

From our Museum of Treasures from the past, a vision of where all this began, to the finest premium brands in the audio industry today represented by a passionate but humble staff of professionals who truly love what they do. Alan Jones, as the owner, ensures that you “Get the Experience” as he has already asked all the questions that sometimes customers feel intimidated to ask. All of your questions, and we know there are many in this hobby, will be treated with respect and understanding. We all had to start in this somewhere. It starts with a love for music and that is what gets us going every day.

Alan Jones has been in this business for over 30 years. We know that there are systems that last and systems that enrich your household. We strive to deliver both and to bring to life your vision of what a system should be. “How?” you might ask? By communicating and building strong relationships with our clients. Whether you are buying a simple system or looking to create world-class sound in your home, the same attention to detail and level of service applies.

We have tried to share our experience here on our website, but the experiences that make us unique can truly only be had in the store. We enjoy seeing you, and we welcome you to stop by or call us anytime! Simply click here to jump to our contact page.

We look forward to enriching your life and home through our expertise and partnerships with our world-class vendors!