Listening to music is good for you, regardless of your age, ailment, or attitude. And amazing hifi sound is the ultimate elixir. If you’re in Marietta, Alpharetta or the greater Atlanta area and need a quick hit, stop by HiFi Buys and immerse yourself in one of our listening rooms. If you need to build or upgrade your own system, this is the place to experience, learn, and design it in the best possible way.

"Went to HiFi Buys to talk about setting up a home theater. I received excellent service from the moment I walked in the door. Tom was very attentive in discussing options, what would be best for my needs, and answering numerous questions. Their initial quote was outside what I had planned to spend, but Tom worked with me and found options that helped make for an attainable and excellent setup. Tom even emailed me a couple days after I picked everything up to make sure I didn't have any questions about setup. I high recommend these guys."

"I went in to HiFi Buys and the first person to speak to me was the owner himself. Alan was attentive to what I was looking for and never pressured me into any pieces that wouldn't be in my best interest. I will be a customer for a long time to come."

"As an active, passionate audiophile and music lover for over 40 years, I am delighted to give Alan Jones and his excellent team at HiFi Buys in Buckhead, GA my heartiest endorsement and highest recommendation. Alan and his veteran team provide true excellence in virtually every aspect of the customer experience."

"Customer service is incredible. They know their stuff and stand behind their products and Word. Look no further to get the best quality and support."

"HiFi is hands down the best high-end home and pro audio store I have ever visited. The staff was helpful and knowledgeable but also very patient. Seriously, I felt as though I owed them money for everything I learned from the staff in the end of my visit. I highly recommend them for anyone from those trying to start-out with a small home theater system to the most serious of audiophiles."

"Excellent knowledge and selection here! This store reminds me of the various audio stores of many years ago, which are so rare these days. The store was clean, very welcoming, and I felt zero pressure. It honestly felt more like fellow audio enthusiasts showing me their collection than a store. Have been multiple times and will be going back! There are few places where you can get this kind of experience anymore!"



Just like a great steak is best savored in a wood-paneled steakhouse, great music is best enjoyed via
a high-end audio system that delivers sweet sound through superior components.



23 setups. 12 listening rooms. See, touch, listen, learn. If you’re looking to build or upgrade, we have many products right on hand, from high-end headphones to soundbars to turntables and more. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it fast, and help you set it up perfectly.


  • Serious fun.
  • We get to show you what we have.
  • You get to see, touch and even hear our huge spread of 20+ amazing systems
  • The largest, best curated setup of serious hifi in the Southeast
  • Get to know us – what we do, how much we love this stuff too.
  • Check out the HiFi Museum of really cool vintage gear.
  • Zero in on the systems you love most.
  • Get ready to Test Drive ‘em yourself.

Test Drive

  • Set up your own listening and viewing session
  • We hand you an iPad and a remote.
  • You pick the music or movie clips, and play them as loud as you want.
  • Hear, watch, experience – you really can audition everything.
  • We move gear around in the room so you can hear the same speakers on different systems.
  • Learn, feel, find out what sounds best to you. • We leave the room. You just relax & focus.


  • Get to know us, and we’ll get to know you.
  • What kind of music do you love?
  • How do you listen? What do you watch? How loud?
  • Real open conversation to get to what you really want to create.
  • Not just, “What’s your budget? Here’s our products. Open your trunk.”
  • Listen, share, have fun, repeat.
  • Learn more than you ever thought you could about hifi.



Come to listen, come to learn, come to just look around. Bring some vinyl, your own cds, Blu-rays or playlist. We’ll play them on different systems and give you the controls. Better yet…