KEF Brings the Bass: The All-New ‘Kube MIE’ Subwoofer Series

The KEF Kube MIE subwoofer line.

KEF’s 4 New Subwoofers Enhanced by MIE Technology

Calling all audio lovers! KEF, a renowned audio brand from the UK, has just launched an all-new subwoofer line, the Kube MIE series. KEF’s four new subwoofers are a culmination of several years of research, delivering high-quality sound at an attractive price point. 

Enhanced by the Music Integrity Engine (MIE), KEF’s suite of proprietary DSP algorithms, the Kube subwoofers deliver optimized performance and improved accuracy, particularly at high output levels. Each Kube MIE subwoofer increases in size and frequency response, ranging from the deceptively small Kube 8 MIE to the 60-lb Kube 15 MIE! 

The KEF Kube subwoofers are now available at HiFi Buys in Atlanta, GA. Learn more about these awe-inspiring subwoofers below, then visit us to hear the magic in person

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About KEF 

KEF has been designing award-winning speakers since it was founded in Kent, England, in 1961. It became the first audio manufacturer in the world to implement computers in loudspeaker design, and the brand has received over three hundred awards and holds over one hundred fifty patents. KEF even received the royal stamp of approval, with two Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement 

The Kube MIE Line 

The KUBE MIE line is an update to KEF’s previous Kube subwoofers, which were first introduced in 2017. The revamped series includes four new subs: the Kube 8 MIE, Kube 10 MIE, Kube 12 MIE, and Kube 15 MIE. 

The numbers of each subwoofer correspond to the driver size. So, while the Kube 8 features an eight-inch driver, the Kube 15’s is fifteen inches wide. And with more size comes more power. The Kube 8 MIE’s frequency response range is 34 to 140 Hz, while the Kube 15 MIE plays frequencies from 20 to 140 Hz. At the lower end, the Kube 8 MIE delivers a max output of 105 dB, while the Kube 15 produces a maximum of 116 dB. 

Want something in the middle? Opt for the Kube 10 MIE or the Kube 12 MIE to fit your particular room and system!

What Is MIE? 

MIE stands for Music Integrity Engine, KEF’s own digital signal processing technology. MIE was previously only available in the LS60 wireless speaker and KC62 subwoofer, but is now featured in all four Kube MIE subwoofers, and the brand-new KC92 subwoofer as well.

What does MIE do? The algorithm provides even more detailed and accurate sound to digital audio, with greater dynamics and output. MIE technology also includes iBX Intelligent Bass Extension, which analyzes input signals and makes tiny adjustments to every second. IBX encourages the subwoofer to play louder while remaining dynamic with less distortion. The result? A remarkably accurate, detailed bass production. 

Other Notable Features of Kube MIE Subs 

The new line also features the following updates and technologies: 

  • SmartConnect intelligent inputs that automatically detect mono or stereo and adjust volume levels 
  • Easy integration with any amplifier and loudspeakers 
  • Three EQ presets for placement options: free-standing, in-wall, or corner 

Experience KEF Kube Subwoofers in Atlanta, GA 

Want to hear KEF’s Kube MIE subwoofers for yourself? Visit our audio showroom in Atlanta to experience the power and sophistication of these all-new subwoofers. Contact HiFi Buys here to learn more! 

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