New & Notable: Noble Audio Earphones with xMEMS Drivers

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When most people think of audiophile-quality headphones, they think of large over-ear monitors. Earbuds, by contrast, have long been regarded as of lesser quality, which is understandable considering their small size. Furthermore, wireless headphones have long been snubbed by audiophiles, who prefer wired audio solutions. 

But all that’s about to change with the incredible wireless earbuds by Noble Audio. Since their first headphones in 2014, Noble Audio has been transforming how we think of in-ear and wireless monitors. 

And now, Noble Audio’s new Falcon Max TWS (True Wireless Stereo) and FoKus earbuds will include the groundbreaking MEMS-based driver from xMEMS Labs. Through this partnership, Noble Audio’s Falcon Max headphones will be some of the first to adopt cutting-edge MEMS speaker technology. 

We’re thrilled to have Noble Audio’s new wireless headphones at our Atlanta, GA, store soon. But what is MEMS—and what makes these wireless headphones some of the best on the market? Let’s find out. 

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The Noble Audio Story 

Since 2013, Noble Audio has continually challenged the way earphones are built. The company was founded by John Moulton (nicknamed “The Wizard”), who originally worked in a hearing aid lab in Thailand. When his wife’s headphones broke, he used his knowledge of custom in-ear monitors (CIEM) to fix and improve them. This inspired him to open up a pair of his own headphones, look inside, and decide, “I can do better than that!” 

Since then, Noble Audio has crafted award-winning headphones with hybrid structures of various driver types. By utilizing multiple drivers, Noble Audio earphones add more texture and realism to music, which is often lacking in earbuds. Noble Audio’s earphones are recognizable for their ergonomic 3D-printed shell and are designed for a secure, comfortable in-ear fit


Partnership with xMEMS Labs 

xMEMS Labs was founded in 2018 to reinvent audio with the world’s first solid-state MEMS speaker for True Wireless Audio (TWS) and other audio devices. What is MEMS, you may ask? Short for “micro electrical mechanical systems,” MEMS refers to microscopic moving structures inside a silicon chip. These structures move air, creating pressure that generates sound. 

As a result, you’ll hear the most accurate audio reproduction possible. xMEMS drivers will be featured in Noble Audio’s upcoming FoKus Triumph and Falcon Max earphones, among the world’s first wireless headphones to adopt MEMS speaker technology. 

More on the Falcon Max & FoKus Triumph 

Noble Audio’s forthcoming headphones, the Falcon Max and FoKus Triumph, will both feature xMEMS drivers. But that’s not all. The Falcon Max earphones are the first Noble Audio solution to support Bluetooth 5.3 in dual mode (both classic and LE Audio mode) and LDAC high-resolution wireless. The Falcon Max will also procure a high-resolution wireless certification, another first for Noble Audio. 

The FoKus Triumph will be the latest evolution of the FoKus line, following the FoKus Prestige. While little is known about the anticipated FoKus Triumph, the FoKus Prestige currently features a ten hour battery life, a tasteful wooden body and case, and a hybrid 3-driver configuration. Both the Falcon Max and FoKus Triumph will include a charging station for the wireless headphones, and we can’t wait until they’re here in our Atlanta store. 

Experience Noble Audio & xMEMS at HiFi Buys 

HiFi Buys will be carrying Noble Audio and xMEMS headphones soon. Contact us here to learn more—and visit our showroom to experience the best wireless headphones on the market! 

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