Are You Ready to Change Your Life with High-End Headphones?

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Here’s What to Look for in Wireless Headphones

It’s been said that good high-end headphones will change your life. As a group of audiophiles passionate about the highest-quality music possible, we’d have to agree. And those of you who have listened to your favorite music with a really good pair of headphones are undoubtedly nodding your head in a resounding yes. 

Of course, unless you experience it, you’ll never know. That’s why we’ve built a headphones bar. No beer, just exquisite music—an experience that lets you hear crisper, clearer music than you’ve ever heard before. Meet our team, belly up to the bar, and enjoy until your heart’s content. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. Located on Peachtree Road in Atlanta, we’re just a stone’s throw away (about nine minutes) from Brookhaven, GA.

In this blog, we’ll explore wireless headphones and the important features to consider. Why wireless? Since the move to kill off headphone jacks, wireless headphones have exploded. We want to make sure you pick the right ones for your lifestyle and how you’ll use them. So, let’s explore the possibilities.

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#1 Sound Quality

Sound quality is the number one thing we focus on at HiFi Buys, and it all comes down to the brands. High-performance brands use higher-quality materials that make a significant difference. The best way to evaluate them is by listening to them, and that’s where we come in. 

#2 Noise Cancellation

This feature can significantly increase the cost. It’s also well worth it, depending on how you’ll use your headphones. For instance, will you use them on long flights across the Atlantic? Getting a brand that blocks the jet engine or your neighbor snoring beside you is well worth it. 

There are, however, different levels of noise cancellation. Passive noise-canceling headphones physically block your ears, adding extra cushions to form a strong seal. Active noise canceling uses an audio processor to generate an anti-noise signal. This technology works well for low-frequency sounds, like that airplane engine we mentioned. Then we have adaptive noise-canceling headphones, a type of active noise-canceling function. Noise cancellation is far from perfect, and some companies succeed better than others.

Our recommendation? Come down and explore the various options with us to determine the best solution. We’ll help you narrow your selection and ensure you enjoy doing it.

#3 Battery Life

The battery life and how easily they charge are important considerations. Do you need headphones that last 30 hours or four hours? If you know you will need them to last a full day, that requirement will narrow down your options and help in your decision-making. 

#4 Comfort & Quality

While most headphones feel fine when worn briefly, longer periods can produce uncomfortable pressure. Lighter headphones with comfortable pads are usually ideal for extended listening periods. On the other hand, heavier headphones tend to be more durable. We recommend wearing them for at least 20 minutes before deciding.

Are you ready to experience the difference high-performance headphones can make? At HiFi Buys, we have a curated collection unmatched in the Southeast. Contact our HiFi Buys team to learn more!

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