Picking the Best High-Performance Headphones for You

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The Key? Have Fun & Explore the Possibilities

There are several reasons why people decide to take the plunge into high-performance headphones. For many, it’s the simple joy of hearing high-fidelity music—every note as the musician intended. Some headphones sound like your high-fidelity speaker set up in an acoustically treated room. Yes, they can be that good. These are the headphones recording and sound engineers use in the studio.

Of course, not everyone in Atlanta, GA, is looking for that level of sound quality. Some people choose headphones to cancel out other sounds, for motivation on their morning jogs, for conference calls, or to immerse themselves in a video game. When selecting your headphones, the most important consideration is how you’ll use them. Essentially, there are no “best” headphones, only the best for you.

With that in mind, let’s explore our options and how to select the “best” headphones. Due to the numerous choices in models and styles, finding your perfect headphones can feel overwhelming. That’s where HiFi Buys comes in. Our experts are passionate about music and sharing it with others. We’ll help you find the model that perfectly matches the type of audio you listen to and your unique needs. 

Let’s start with the basics.

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Closed Vs. Open-Back Headphones

Understanding the different types will help narrow the nearly limitless selection of headphones and accessories. For starters, this entails determining if open or closed back is better for your uses. 

In open-back headphones, you’ll see vents that allow air to pass through. This design provides a natural, airy, and expansive soundstage, making them ideal when working with high-resolution audio files or those looking for audiophile-grade sound. These headphones are often best used in quiet, private settings.

On the other hand, one of the major benefits of closed-back headphones is their noise isolation. No tiny vents mean they’re better at blocking outside noises. For those looking to suppress the world around them and blanket themselves in a nice surround sound bubble—closed-back headphones are your go-to. 

By trapping air, they also deliver more impactful bass, a selling point for those who enjoy deep-pumping bass and house and electronic music. These headphones are ideal for commuting, work environments that require little interaction, and casual listening. Due to their pronounced bass response, they are also a favorite of DJs.

Pure Listening

Would you buy the Magico Ultimate speakers without listening to them first? Hopefully not. And, while high-performance headphones certainly won’t set you back $600,000, they are a worthy investment. In this vein, we’re not just referring to the price tag, which varies significantly, but to the experience. You want headphones that bring years of enjoyment, create an epic experience, and are ideally suited to your unique needs. 

At HiFi Buys, we’re a no-pressure passionate group of people who love music and are grateful to share our passion. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of Hi-Fi headphones unmatched in Atlanta. Grab a seat at the headphone bar and listen – and then listen some more. We’ll answer any questions, teach you how to hear, or simply stand back and enjoy the smile on your face. Contact us to learn more!

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