Exploring Qobuz, the Audiophile’s Choice for HiFi Streaming

The Qobuz HiFi streaming service interface on a tablet, laptop, and smartphone.

Listen to Qobuz on Our HiFi Speakers & Hear the Difference for Yourself 

Music streaming has taken over the way we listen to music. Today, nearly 616.2 million people listen to music on streaming platforms, far surpassing digital downloads and physical music formats. But while streaming is convenient, there’s just one problem…audio quality. 

Streaming promises users millions of tracks available at their fingertips. But that many files require a lot of storage. So what do Spotify, Apple, and Amazon do to store all this music? They compress it into lower-quality audio files.  

If you’re investing in high-end headphones or a HiFi speaker system for your Marietta, GA, home, it’s pretty counterintuitive to stream low-quality audio. Luckily, there is a HiFi streaming service that provides audiophile-worthy music: Qobuz

Quobuz has just as many songs in its library as Spotify (100 million) but in much higher-quality audio files. Learn more about Qobuz below—then visit our Atlanta showroom to try out the HiFi streaming service for yourself! 


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Qobuz vs. Spotify: A Sonic Showdown

While Spotify has captured the hearts of millions with its convenience and vast library, Qobuz carves out a niche for audiophiles and music purists. Here’s what sets Qobuz apart:


Hi-Res Audio

Qobuz is renowned for its support of high-resolution audio. Unlike compressed formats, Qobuz offers music in FLAC and other lossless formats. It also provides audio in 192 kHz hi-res (24-bit/9216 kb/s). 

When you listen to lower-quality files, you’re missing valuable information that should be in the song. You’re losing subtle nuances and details. But with Qobuz, you’ll hear music as if it’s really being performed in the room. 


Sound Quality Tiers 

Qobuz offers tiered subscription plans with varying sound quality options. The higher tiers provide access to 24-bit high-res audio, making it the go-to choice for audiophiles. Spotify, on the other hand, primarily focuses on convenience and accessibility, which involves some degree of audio compression.


Editorial Content

Qobuz offers a wealth of editorial content, including articles, reviews, and artist recommendations. This approach provides a more immersive and educational music discovery experience, making it easier to connect with your favorite artists and discover new ones.


Experience Qobuz at HiFi Buys 

If you’re intrigued by the promise of Qobuz and want to hear how it sounds on a HiFi speaker system, stop by HiFi Buys! You can try out the Qobuz platform and listen to music on speakers from brands like KEF, Marantz, Meridian, Vandersteen, and more. You can even compare Qobuz with Spotify to hear what all the fuss is about! 


Claim Your Free 60-Day Qobuz Trial

While we’re discussing Qobuz, we should let you know that for a limited time, Qobuz is offering a free 60-day trial! You can try its premium features without any financial commitment. 

To claim your free trial, simply visit the Qobuz website here and sign up for an account. You’ll have two full months to immerse yourself in a world of music that’s as close to the studio recording as possible.
If you’re in Marietta, GA, HiFi Buys is your trusted partner in exploring the world of high-fidelity audio. Come in and experience the difference in audio quality. Contact us here to learn more about our home audio services!

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