Speakers, Amplifiers & DACs: 3 Essentials of High-End Audio

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See How Audio Equipment Can Affect Your Listening Experience 

Ask any chef, and they’ll tell you that ingredients matter. Fresh produce, meat, bread, and spices bring more flavor and nutrients to every meal. While frozen and packaged meals are convenient, they’ll always lack the taste of fresh, homemade dishes. 

You can think of audio as a delicious meal that requires a tried-and-true recipe. Like frozen meals, you can buy all-in-one speakers that easily connect to your phone with Bluetooth. But if you want to experience music to the fullest, you need better ingredients. 

The ‘recipe’ for a basic hi-fi audio system will commonly include three ingredients: speakers, amplifiers, and a digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The quality of these ‘ingredients’ will make all the difference. If you’re looking for high-end audio in Marietta, GA, here’s how we can cook up delicious sounds in your home. 

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Hi-Fi Audio Ingredients 

Here are a few essentials to build a high-end listening system: 

  1. Speakers: Of course, loudspeakers are how you’ll hear audio. Larger speaker drivers can produce more sound frequencies, so typically, the larger the speaker, the better. A stereo system requires two speakers, but you can expand to a multi-room or surround sound setup. 
  2. Amplifier: Amplifiers power your loudspeakers and deliver audio sources (streaming, vinyl, CDs, etc.) to the speakers. High-end speakers need a quality amplifier that can match their power, sensitivity, and impedance. 
  3. DAC: You may not know it, but you already use Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) daily. They’re built into computers and phones, converting digital ‘1s and 0s’ into analog audio signals. To make the most of hi-fi speakers, you’ll need an upgraded DAC to get the best sound. 

How the Choose the Best Equipment 

How do you know if you’re choosing quality “ingredients” for your hi-fi speaker system? First, don’t be afraid to ask the experts! Our team at HiFi Buys has been helping music lovers build audio systems for decades. We know the best “recipes” for incredible audio experiences, and when you visit our store in Atlanta, you can try out all the components to see what you like. 

But we do have some tips that you can use to look on your own. In general, we recommend choosing an amplifier with 1.5 or 2 times the power rating of your speakers. That guarantees you have enough power while leaving some headroom. 

Speakers have many variables that can affect quality, but one to look out for is the driver. A driver converts electrical power into acoustical energy and comes in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Some speaker cabinets contain more than one driver, each responsible for a specific band of sound frequencies. One driver will produce low sound frequencies while another creates higher frequencies. The low and high frequencies are split by a speaker crossover. With more frequencies delivered, you’ll hear much more detailed sounds.  

And as for DACs? Before purchasing a DAC, check that the type and number of digital inputs match your media. For example, if your audio source uses a USB output, you’ll need a DAC that connects to USBs. 

Need Assistance? Looking for Hi-Fi Audio? 

Each piece of a high-end audio system works together to create beautiful, rich sound. At HiFi Buys, we can guide you through the process and help you build a speaker system to last a lifetime. 

Contact us here or visit our store in Atlanta to try out speakers, amplifiers, and DACs yourself!  

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