David White

HiFi Sales


“I’ve always been an audiophile, ever since my first job at an audio store. I just had to work in the computer industry for all those years to properly afford my audio habit! Now I can indulge in my passion for audio while helping others do the same. There’s nothing like the look on peoples’ faces when they hear music on a well-designed stereo system for the first time and realize they have never heard anything like it before.”

David White is a salesperson for HiFi Buys. Other titles he goes by are Two-Channel Audio Sherpa, Turntable/Phono Preamp Guru and Vandersteen Sub Base System Tuning Dude. In fact, he boasts having a touch so sensitive he can feel when a turntable cartridge or tone arm counterweight has moved just fractions of a millimeter.

He worked at his first high-end audio store when he was in college and joined HiFi Buys in 2013. For the years in between, David was in software development and systems integration management and held executive positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett Packard and IBM, where he earned multiple awards for excellence. David chose this second career because he remembered how much fun it was. Plus, he claims it is considerably more enjoyable than trying to explain why your software project team is behind schedule for a company like General Motors.

Along with his enthusiasm for all things audio, David is equally passionate about volunteering to assist the homeless. He has spent over a thousand hours as a volunteer in a men’s homeless shelter helping felons transition back into the world after release from prison, and volunteers through his church with the Gwinnett County Family Promise program for homeless families.

Born and raised in Canton, IL, David now calls Buford, GA home with his wife. He has a grown son who lives in New York, a hyperactive Cavapoo puppy named Oliver, and two laid back Persian cats named Gracie and Tabatha, who just don’t get why he had to bring a puppy home and totally disrupt their comfortable lifestyle. When not working with customers, you can find David hiking and exploring Georgia’s waterfalls, cooking for his wife, playing dominos and discovering well-recorded music to share with others.

Hidden talent:

  • Sing in a voice that sounds like he’s Barry White’s love child.


  • Musician: Sting
  • Superhero: Mighty Mouse
  • Artist: Monet
  • Cartoon: Rocky and Bullwinkle
  • Last Meal: Wedge salad, prime New York strip steak, loaded baked potato, asparagus, crème brulee

Cat person or dog person?

  • He was a cat person, but his new puppy is making him realize he shouldn’t be prejudiced.

If forced to participate in a talent show, how would you entertain the audience?

Singing a Barry White tribute

If given the chance to travel anywhere, where would you go?

  •  To the moon – its close enough to still see the Earth and not be gone too long.