HiFi Baby: A Talk with Kathleen Thomas of AudioQuest

Kathleen Thomas, the VP of North American Sales for AudioQuest was an honored guest at our recent Grand Opening. AudioQuest is not just a HiFi Buys dealer; everything in the store is wired with their products! Kathleen filled us in on some of AudioQuest’s awesome products and told us about how being a Hifi Buys […]

All Things Subwoofer: a Chat with David Schultz of REL Acoustics

We’re still buzzing over all the great guests we hosted during our Grand Opening. David Schultz of REL Acoustics chatted with us about their subwoofers: specifically, how they will transform your music system, extending bass reach, clarity, and impact. At the same time, the subwoofer can increase the sound stage and sense of space. How […]

Turning the Tables: a talk with Stephen Daniels from the Sound Organisation

We were super-jazzed to have Stephen Daniels with us at our Grand Opening last week. Stephen is with the Sound Organisation (based in Dallas), which imports a number of brands from Europe into the US, including the performance-driven brand Rega Research and their awesome turntables. We’re pumped to carry the Rega turntables in our store! […]

3 Fun Facts that Will Pump You Up About HiFi Buys’ Grand Opening

Extra, extra read all about it! The team and I are THRILLED to announce the incredible news about HiFi Buy’s Grand Opening in Buckhead! So, reader beware… ahead are 3 fast facts for the best 3, days of the year! It’s sort of like your birthday–but possibly BETTER! Just like a birthday party there will be gifts, […]

HiFi Buys Review: NightHawk Headphones

WARNING – Ahead is a review of the coolest headphones ever! Fair warning: after you read this, you will want to buy them. Seriously, we are not kidding. Now that we’ve given you fair warning about the Nighthawk headphones from AudioQuest. Here are the top 10 ridiculously cool details on these bad boys: They are […]

Audio Gear On The Go

As you know, we are dedicated audiophiles here at Hifi Buys, we love this stuff! During a recent trip out of state, I had a light bulb go on above my head; not about something I forgot to pack, but about audio. As I was at the gate waiting for my flight, I realized we […]

The Scoop On Apple Music

                          Uh oh, watch out! The big dog just walked through the doors, and its name is Apple Music A couple of months ago we wrote about the newest music streaming company –Tidal. This service was purchased and re-launched by one of the […]

Sonos Speaker Family – Product Review

We hate to use old school clichés, but–Sonos is the bee’s knees, the coolest thing since sliced bread, it’s all that and a bag of chips! We can go on, but we digress. Today, we want to tell you all about the Sonos speaker family. Let’s begin with a list of the products that make […]

Hifi Buys Ribbon Cutting and Open House

Did you miss our ribbon cutting and open house? No worries!! As you may have read, June 9th was our day to officially announce to the community of Buckhead that we are back! In business! Last Tuesday morning was unbelievably special to the team–not only because of your support, but because of two special guests […]

Lenbrook America’s Dean Miller Talks About HiFi and HiFi Buys

My thanks to Alan Jones for inviting me to contribute to this blog in anticipation of his opening of “HiFi Buys” in June.   Music has been a major part of my life, ever since I saw the Beatles play on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. I was 8 years old. I […]