Meet Bob Pafundi, the Home Theater Guy at Hifi Buys

  I met Alan about 20 years ago when I purchased a surround system for my home. Music and audio equipment have always been a hobby of mine, so this was a natural transition for me. Alan’s store has always been a fun place to visit and learn about new technologies and industry trends. I […]

Hifi Buys Construction Update

I don’t know about you but the days are flying by here at Hifi Buys! Which means only one thing? That the ribbon cutting and soft opening is right around the corner! And we wanted to give you a sneak peek into what has been going on. First off, let’s begin with “why the move”? The […]

Vandersteen Audio – Quatro Wood CT: HiFi Buys Review

I was a budding audiophile in my late teens. When in college, majoring in computer science, I spent a lot of my spare time at a high-end audio shop. They gave me a part time sales position and I was now truly hooked on this stuff. I personally bought and sold a lot of audio […]

Record Store Day – April 18th 2015

  Hi everyone, My name is Eric Levin, and I am the owner of Criminal Records and co-founder of Record Store Day. First off, I wanted to thank Hifi Buys for letting me jump on one of their blogs to talk about Record Store Day. But I just need to say, this is exactly what […]

Why HiFI Buys? A Personal Blog from a long-standing Customer

Hey everyone, my name is David!   This is my personal blog. As a long standing fan and customer of Hifi Buys., I want to tell you from personal experience why you need to walk into Hifi Buys and meet my good friend Alan. Let me begin with music. For me, music is extremely spiritual- […]

What is Tidal?

  What is Tidal?  Why do we care? Why did Jay Z buy it? And why do we want to give more money to already INCREDIBLY wealthy musicians?   After the announcement of Jay Z purchasing Tidal music streaming service backed up by his popular posse of mega known super stars, the masses were not quite […]

NAD M12 Digital Preamp DAC: HiFi Buys Review

Nothing is more frustrating than investing in a piece of technology for yourself and then later suffering from a twinge of buyer’s remorse when you arrive home. You ask yourself, “Should I have waited for the new version to be released?” iPhone 5S anyone?   Well, here at HiFi Buys we have a new and […]

PSB Imagine Speakers: HiFi Buys Review

    We’re excited to have in store the new ImagineX series from PSB – a very inexpensive line of award winning speakers that are remarkably good sounding!   PSB is a 46 year old company that has continued to refine its craft to create even more incredible sound at a more affordable price point. […]

CES Takeaways, Part 2 of 2

In part one of this series, I shared some of the products from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that really impressed me. There are still a few more that I think you should know about. REL 212SE Britain’s REL revealed a really unique product called the 212SE. Most of their subwoofers can now be used wirelessly […]

CES Takeaways, Part 1 of 2

Here at HiFi Buys, the yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is like Christmas and birthdays rolled into one. The event showcases everything new and hot in consumer electronics and some of the products are just mindblowing. But we aren’t necessarily interested in the newest and the shiniest. We like to carry products we can offer […]