Peachtree Audio Returns to Peachtree Road at HiFi Buys!

Nothing is more awesome than having customers come into our store who were with us in our first location on Peachtree Road. It’s even happier when we can bring back some of the greatest names in audio—especially when they’re bringing innovative new products with them. That’s the case with David Solomon and Peachtree Audio. Recently, […]

Our Favorite Fall 2016 Events in Atlanta

Football, cool jazz, music festival mayhem and grown men dressed as Power Rangers parading down Peachtree—yep, it’s fall in Atlanta. We love this time of year, as it brings a diverse array of events to town. Here are our picks for the best events in Atlanta this season! The Don’t-Miss Events from Alan, our Owner […]

HIGH END® 2016: The Audio Event of the Year, Part 2

In our last blog post we told you about the greatest audio event of the year for professionals and enthusiasts alike—the HIGH END® audio exhibition in Munich, Germany. Today, we’re going to give you the highlights and best-of-show products that we think will soon be all the buzz in the most important venue of all—your home. […]

HIGH END® 2016: The Audio Event of the Year, Part 1

Where do hard-core audio geeks like us go to get the most definitive view of what’s coming for audio in the next few years? We pack our passports and head to Munich, Germany, where the HIGH END® Audio Show brings the audio industry together each year. This popular fair, held this year in May at the massive […]

Summer in the City: Our Picks for Atlanta’s Top Shows and Events in 2016

Many of our finest summer memories are of evenings spent under the stars with a stellar band on stage, filling a humid night with great tunes, or listening to an awesome jam in a packed arena. Luckily, Atlanta’s summer of 2016 will not disappoint concertgoers. Here are our picks for the hottest tickets in the […]

Experience PrimaLuna’s Amplifier for the Music Connoisseur

Like a great rib-eye is best savored in a wood-paneled steakhouse, great music is best enjoyed via a high-end audio system that delivers sweeter sound through superior components. When it comes to amplifiers, there’s no more satisfying sounds than the ones delivered by PrimaLuna Amps.   Anthony Chiarella, who totally sold us on the beauty […]

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Turntable Game with Brinkmann

Vinyl record fans, have you had the same turntable since college? It might be time for you to consider an upgrade. HiFi Buys’ Guys’ Night Out event on April 28th is the perfect time to give a listen to what many hi-fi aficionados and audio publications call the “Rolls-Royce” of turntables – a Brinkmann. We […]

Springtime Fun in Atlanta!

What’s on everyone’s mind in Atlanta this March? Two Words: Spring. FEVER. The HiFi Buys team is pumped about all the great events that are just around the corner this season. Alan, our Owner and CEO, and Chris, our Director of Operations, break down the concerts, festivals and events that have them excited for Spring […]

A Chat with Richard Vandersteen of Vandersteen Audio

When you visit a company’s website and one of the first tabs you see is “Ask Richard,” you know you’re going to get a knockdown awesome product and customer experience. That’s the case with Vandersteen Audio and their founder, Richard Vandersteen. Their speakers are technological marvels that create a one-of-a-kind listening experience. We were pumped […]

Join HiFi Buys to Help a Family in Need at Christmas

The end of the year is a natural time to sit back and reflect on the past 12 months. Here at HiFi Buys,  we’ve had so much to be grateful for in 2015. We brought our name, our awesome audio products, and our retail store back into the Atlanta community, and we’ve been received with open […]