How & Why We Run Atlanta’s Top High-End Audio Store

A Shared Passion for Music—That’s What It’s All About 

In the middle of Buckhead, Atlanta, on the corner of Peachtree and Grandview, you’ll find a music lover’s paradise. It’s HiFi Buys, the place where audiophiles gather to try out the best speakers, headphones, turntables, and more. 

But HiFi Buys isn’t just a store. We know, we know—you’ve heard that before. But in this case, we really mean it! We don’t care if you leave your wallet at home. We want to be where folks hear their favorite music in the richest, most realistic quality. 

People are often intimidated to visit a high-end audio store, but we’re here to say there’s nothing to worry about. This isn’t a snobby environment—we don’t expect everyone to be experts or have the same music taste as us. 

Customers also ask us how we choose the brands we sell and if we truly believe they’re the best. It’s true: we only put top-quality AV products on our floor. Here’s how we select the best audio equipment—and why we never pressure anyone to buy something they don’t need. 

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Why We’re In the High-End Audio Business 

Not everyone cares about sound quality. Not everyone wants to get as close to their favorite music as possible. But we’re not in the business for those people. 

We’re here for a passion for music. We want to share this passion with people and have them share it with us. When people visit our store and listen to a Vandersteen or KEF speaker system, they often remark, “Wow, I can’t believe it sounds like that.” When you experience high-end audio, you can hear music so clearly it feels like it’s physically touching your heart. Cheesy, but it’s true. 

If music is your great love, you deserve to hear your favorite albums and musicians to the fullest. Our audio solutions give people that immersive, live-changing experience. 

Only the Best, Only the Truth 

Our sales team isn’t on commission—they’re only here to help. No one on our staff is here to pressure you or rush you. As we said earlier, leave your wallet in the car if you want! Visiting HiFi Buys should be an exploratory experience before any decisions are made. And we want to help you explore the very best in audio. 

We truly support and believe in the brands we sell and love the manufacturers we partner with. Our staff is deeply knowledgeable about our audio manufacturers and will always be honest in answering your questions or giving suggestions. Whatever your desires or budget, we can help you find a solution that works for you. 

Finding the Best Audio Equipment

We don’t just put any old equipment on the showroom floor. We take our brand selection very seriously. We carefully test each piece of equipment in-house and examine how different audio components work together. We’re always comparing speaker and headphone models and know which product is best for every scenario. 

Visit HiFi Buys to Experience Hi-Fi Audio for Yourself! 

Don’t be shy—visit us in Atlanta, GA, and try out our turntables, amplifiers, speakers, in-ceiling speakers, headphones, and more. We frequently host listening events with food and drink to accompany great music. 

Contact us here for any questions—we’re always here to help. 

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