Inside Yamaha’s New Integrated Amps

Bring Incredible Sound & Style to Your Hi-Fi Audio System 

Yamaha is a name everyone knows. Maybe you’ve seen it on keyboards, guitars, or even speakers in your home. So, did you know that Yamaha also manufactures some of the best audio amplifiers on the market?

If you’re ready to upgrade your home audio system, Yamaha integrated amps are making quite a splash in the hi-fi audio world. Here’s what sets Yamaha’s new integrated amps apart—and why we’re thrilled to have them at HiFi Buys in Atlanta, GA. 

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The Yamaha Story 

Yamaha may be one of the biggest names in audio speakers, keyboards, and synthesizers, but did you know it was founded before electronics even existed? Yamaha started in 1887 when its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, repaired a broken reed organ and then began building his own organs. Yamaha introduced upright pianos in 1900 and became a pioneer of Western instruments and, eventually, electronic equipment in Japan. 

In 1954, Yamaha was the first company in history to release a product with “Hi-Fi” in the name. It was the Yamaha Hi-Fi Player, a turntable. In 1972, Yamaha debuted its first integrated amplifier for hi-fi audio systems. 

Yamaha is uniquely positioned to manufacture hi-fi audio equipment because it also builds instruments—guitars, pianos, drums, etc. Yamaha understands music reproduction and brings that expertise to its speakers, turntables, and amplifiers. 

Yamaha’s New Integrated Amplifiers 

Yamaha offers two distinct lines of integrated amplifiers—the network-enabled streaming line, R-N, and the fully analog series, A-S

Both analog and network amplifiers feature vintage-style meters and knobs with impressive build quality. Both R-N and A-S amplifiers feature class AB amplification with high efficiency and low distortion. Across both models, Yamaha’s amplifiers include dual-bottom chassis and brass feet to mitigate vibrations. 

The technology behind Yamaha’s new amplifiers stands on the shoulders of Yamaha’s $20,000 flagship preamp and amplifier, the C-5000 and M-5000. All the research behind the flagship has trickled down into amplifiers that provide stunning audio and build quality at unbelievable price points. 

So, how do they differ? 

R-N Network Receivers 

The R-N line features access to streaming services and digital libraries with Wi-Fi, Wireless Direct, Bluetooth, and AirPlay. Yamaha’s R-N receivers also include HDMI inputs to connect to TVs and enhance your living room or home theater sound, and even include a phono preamp in every model. 

The R-N line ranges from $300 to $4,000. The line’s top product, the R-N2000A Network Receiver, includes an ESS Sabre ES9026Pro Ultra DAC for the ultimate high-performance conversion. 

A-S Analog Amplifiers 

The A-S amplifiers may not include streaming, digital apps, or room correction, but in their place, you’ll enjoy incredible power for pure analog sound. You’re never starved for power with the A-S amplifiers, with 100 watts across two channels in 8 ohms or 150 watts over two channels into 4 ohms. 

The A-S301 to A-S801 are equipped with DACs, while the A-S1200 to A-S3200 are not. In its place, you’ll instead access a phono stage for connecting a turntable with moving magnet or moving coil cartridges. Yamaha’s A-S analog amplifiers are priced between $300 and $8,000. 

Experience Yamaha Integrated Amps at HiFi Buys 

Want to experience Yamaha’s network or analog amplifiers for yourself? If you’re in the Atlanta area, visit HiFi Buys, take a look, and have a listen! Contact us here for any questions. 

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