Crafting Your Music Collection: High-End Turntable and Caring for Records

A high-end turntable playing performance-quality audio.

Take Your Listening to the Next Level With Your Vinyl Collection

Even in the digital age, many people still see vinyl as the best way to listen to music. There’s something so authentic about the pops of a record and the scratch of the needle that elevates the music. 

If you’re a new collector or record enthusiast, you can incorporate your records into your high-fidelity audio system with a high-end turntable. These turntables play your favorite vinyl through your premium speakers for an unrivaled listening experience. Here’s how you can build a high-end turntable system and better care for your records in your Alpharetta, GA, home.

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Benefits of a Turntables

The rise of streaming has made it easier to listen to music than ever before. With platforms like Spotify, you have the world’s music catalog at your fingertips. This is convenient, but it does come with some drawbacks. Due to the nature of streaming, the audio files available are compressed, which makes them easy to store but loses some of the quality.

Vinyl offers some of the best sound quality out there. The grooves of the vinyl preserve the sound, so nothing is lost or compressed. The result is a more natural sound. Paired with high-end speakers, you’ll get performance-quality sound every time you put a record on.

How to Choose a Turntable

When choosing a turntable system, you’ll want high-quality equipment that preserves the audio signals sent to your speakers. For the best sound, we caution against using a wireless or Bluetooth setup that turns analog signals into digital. While wireless devices offer simplicity, you’ll lose significant sound quality, which negates the purpose of owning a turntable. 

If sound quality is more important to you than convenience, then you’ll need more pieces of equipment than you may think. It’s not just the turntable—you’ll need a phono stage, pre-amplifier, amplifier, a quality stylus, etc. There are so many variations to building a turntable system that’s right for you. And that’s where we come in! 

While it can be daunting to put together a turntable setup, the staff at our store live and breathe audio, and are ready to help you put together a setup that fits your budget. We’ll share what parts matter, why you need them, and how it all works to deliver beautiful, rich music to your speakers. At the HiFi Buys showroom, you can try out turntables from many brands to find the sound that fits you and your collection.

Caring for Your Vinyl

It doesn’t matter how good your turntable is if your records aren’t properly cared for! Ensure you’re storing them properly by filing them upright. Keep them in a cool area since high temperatures can warp the vinyl and even distort how the music sounds. 

Most records come in flimsy paper sleeves, but we recommend replacing the sleeves with high-quality plastic or paper sleeves. The reason is that built-in sleeves can dirty your vinyl with pulp, which gets into the record’s grooves and tampers the sound. We sell Mo-Fi anti-static plastic sleeves that make a massive difference in preserving vinyl. 

Record collectors should also avoid touching their vinyl as much as possible, handling them only on the edges. You can get a record cleaning kit with a brush and special solution to keep your records in premium condition. Don’t forget the stylus, too—that can get dusty and accumulate debris, tampering with performance. 

And for the ultimate preservation, we sell a vacuum-based record cleaner that eliminates dirt from a record’s grooves. We run records through the cleaner at the store, removing static that was leftover from production. By keeping your records clean and dusted, you’ll preserve its sound and prevent the records from skipping or warping.


If you want to add a high-end turntable to your audio setup, come visit the HiFi Buys showroom near Alpharetta, GA. We have plenty of turntables set up that you can listen to before you purchase. Come on by or call us at (770) 931-0606 to find that perfect addition to your audio setup and learn more about turntables.

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