Who Says HiFi Audio Is for Indoors Only?

A Sonance outdoor speaker positioned in a landscaped backyard with plants around it.

Discover Sonance & an Outdoor Speaker Installation

We’re all about incredible audio here at HiFi Buys, and while we’re usually talking about indoor speaker setups, the warmer weather puts outdoor audio on the mind. 

If you’re new to outdoor audio, you’re in for a treat! Audio brands we love, like Sonance, build high-performing speakers that are durable enough to stay mounted outside all year long. Suddenly, your music listening extends from the house to all your outdoor areas. 

Unlike many portable speaker options, Sonance’s outdoor speakers are truly weather-resistant, waterproof, and don’t need to be turned on and connected to Bluetooth whenever you want to listen. Here’s an intro to outdoor speaker installations for your Brookhaven, GA, home! 

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How Weatherproof Is Weatherproof? 

Sonance speakers are as weatherproof as you can get! They’re designed to perform in the most extreme weather conditions, from -20˚ to 190˚ F. The triple-sealed speaker enclosures and waterproof connectors protect the speakers from rain, snow, heat, and dust, so you’re free to keep the speaker system outside year-round. Even here in Georgia, where the summers are sweltering and the winters can be bitterly cold, your Sonance speakers will be fine. 

Blend Into Your Landscaping & Exterior  

If you want to maintain the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces, you don’t have to worry about exterior speakers getting in the way. Sonance’s satellite outdoor speakers are small in size and can discreetly poke out from under plants and shrubs. Outdoor subwoofers are buried partially underground to deliver delicious bass notes without drawing too much attention. 

Sync & Control the Whole Yard 

There are two crucial aspects to building an outdoor audio system: first, the speakers should sound great. And second, they should be easy to control. You’ll need a network of speakers to fill audio gaps to make your outdoor audio sound as clear and robust as indoor systems. In the open air, music can sound faded if you lack ample coverage. 

And as for control? We wire outdoor speakers to a centralized system so you can easily select media sources, adjust the volume, and choose songs from your phone, tablet, remote, or however you like to manage music. If you own an indoor speaker system or a home control system, we can easily sync the outdoor speakers to integrate with your interior audio and other smart technologies. That way, whenever you want to soundtrack a beautiful day outdoors, it only requires a press of a button, and music swells across the lawn. 

Want to Hear Outdoor Audio For Yourself? 

We can write all day about outdoor audio, but it’s something you need to hear (and see) for yourself! Even if you aren’t sure if you’re ready for outdoor speakers, visit HiFi Buys in Atlanta and give it a listen! We have Sonance speakers in our store and are happy to answer any questions. We even have a landscape speaker system dedicated for “in-yard” demos that we can bring out to your house for a weekend. That way you’ll know for certain that it’s the perfect system for your space.


Contact us here or visit our showroom. We look forward to listening to awesome music with you!

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