What Makes A HiFi Audio System?

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5 Components to Build a Stellar Listening Setup 

Is it finally time to swap your portable speaker for something more powerful? If you’re a music enthusiast who’s always exploring new artists and collecting records, you deserve to hear your favorite tunes on a pair of speakers that do them justice. 

And for the best sound, you need a HiFi audio system that produces music like The Beatles are really in your living room. But what do you need for a HiFi sound system? 

As an AV company in Atlanta, GA that services the Brookhaven area and beyond, we’ll share five essential components to build the best system. 

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1. HiFi Speakers

Let’s start with the fun part. More than any other component, speakers vary in size, style, and presentation, so they’re the most personal decision when building a stereo system. Speakers also lead us to recommend the appropriate amplification, since different speakers have different power requirements. That’s why we suggest starting with speakers before anything else. 

However, it’s not just the speakers that you’re listening to in a HiFi system. It’s the whole system, and every piece of the puzzle can influence the outcome and how the audio sounds. Just like following a recipe, if one of your ingredients is off, the final taste may be missing something. 

2. Amplification

To connect speakers to your audio sources, and to power your speakers, you’ll need a preamp and an amplifier. The preamp selects which audio source you’re listening to and controls the volume, while the amplifier powers the speakers. 

We like to think of a stereo system like a car. The speakers are the car itself, and the amplifier is the engine. You need both to get anywhere (as in, make music). The preamp is like the steering and gas pedal, controlling where you go (the audio source) and how fast (or loud) you can go.  

While there are all-in-one solutions available like integrated amplifiers or receivers, using a separate preamp and amplifier almost always results in stronger sound quality. Plus, separate preamps and amplifiers offer flexibility to mix and match for the best performance. There are lots of different forms and features to choose from for amplification, but HiFi Buys can guide you to the right choice for your system. 

3. Audio Sources 

How would you prefer to play music on your HiFi system—with an audio streamer, turntable, or both? Once we know the speakers and amplification of your system, we can more easily recommend an appropriate turntable, streamer, or CD player to achieve the absolute best sound quality.  

4. Calibration & Installation

An audio system installation doesn’t end with taking products out of the box and plugging them in. The physical setup and tuning of the system are essential, and you need to bring expertise and attention to the calibration of each component. By calibrating the system, we can accommodate your room and make the audio sound even more pristine. 

5. Add a Glass of Wine or Whiskey…

…And a friend to share it with! Music is always better when it’s shared with others. Invite your friends and family to gather by the speakers, talk about the past, and listen to amazing music on a pair of high-fidelity speakers. 

Make time for whatever makes it meaningful for you, whether that’s hosting a party or a quiet evening with your significant other. Music binds us together, and your new audio system is sure to help create lasting memories forever. 

Ready to Get Started? 

HiFi Buys is your destination for home audio in Atlanta. We can show you a world of AV options and help you build an audio system to last a lifetime. Even though this is a great introduction into the world of hi-fi there’s a lot more that goes into a high-quality system. Check out our blog as we continue to explore other important pieces of the puzzle including cables, room treatments, sound isolation, and more. 


Want to hear the musical magic for yourself? Visit our store and try out the headphones, speakers, turntables, and have fun. There’s never any pressure to know what you’re looking for. We’re all here to enjoy great music! Contact our team here to learn more.

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