These KEF LSX Wireless Powered Speakers Are Where Its At!


While we know the KEF LSX are fantastic wireless speakers, it is nice when others back us up. Drew Kalbach wrote all bout them in the June 2019 edition of The Absolute Sound, and here are a few of the highlights.

It just threw up this big wall of sound, way bigger than such tiny speakers look capable of. On the track “Corfu,” my backwall felt like it was vibrating with sound. I could pinpoint where the woodblock snap in the latter half of the track was happening, both in depth and width. This was probably my favorite aspect of the LSXes’ sound, just the sheer physical size of the stage they created. I never felt like they were “small” speakers, even on tracks that beg for absolute monster sound.

The beauty of the KEF LSX is they have the sheer brute force necessary to get a dance party moving, but also the subtlety to resolve more typical “audiophile” recordings. I felt as at home listening to The 1975 or The Weeknd as I did listening to the beautifully recorded and produced Beirut tracks. 

What I want is fun and good music. That’s what the LSXes provide… They sound fantastic; they’re simple and easy to set up; they’re surprisingly versatile and portable; and they’re genuinely affordable. They aren’t the future of hi-fi, but they’re definitely one of the futures. From now on, if a normal person in real life asks me how to get into this hobby, I’m going to recommend the LSXes or something like them. I think that more or less says it all.

Check out they full article on The Absolute Sound and come in to the store and check them out for yourself!


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