KEF’s Iconic LS50 Mini Monitor Speakers on Sale!

Now through July 31, save $300 on a pair of KEF’s iconic LS50 mini monitor speakers. These speakers have received rave reviews over the years for transparency, excellent bass response, and generating a larger than life soundstage. They also possess the unique ability to reveal the quality of amplification driving them. The better the amp, the better the sound quality. Seems like a no brainer but evidently its easier said than done. These speakers are excellent for serious music listening and punch any sound bar in the mouth for TV audio and movie time excitement. And, they look cool!

The speakers utilize KEF’s proprietary Uni-Q dual concentric driver prompting The Absolute Sound’s Neil Gader to write: “The KEF LS50 is one of the most all-around-satisfying little speakers I’ve reviewed in some time. Construction and execution are exemplary. It delivers the kind of performance that deserves to be on a Wheaties box. And there’s an incalculable coolness factor that makes it a breath of fresh air. The LS50 also answers the classic question, ‘Who says you can’t teach an old box new tricks?'”

Come on down and give them a listen. We pair them in the store with NAD’s excellent selection of integrated amps to really let them shine. Available in high gloss black with rose gold driver or high gloss white with electric blue driver.

ON SALE NOW = $999.99 pr.


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