DS Audio: Creating the Future of Analog Music

A close-up picture of the DSAudio reference-class phono cartridge.

How DS Audio Has Reinvented the Vinyl Experience

If you’re a vinyl audiophile, you’re no stranger to the quest for great equipment that can take your listening experience to the next level. Whether you enjoy the sound of your old collection from your younger days, buy new vinyl from artists in Atlanta’s burgeoning music scene, or buy the latest audiophile limited-edition pressings, you want to maximize your enjoyment of every detail and nuance of the music. 

Considering that vinyl is a decades-old technology, what might be new in that sphere? There’s no shortage of precision-crafted turntables, cartridges, and phono preamplifiers that eke out the last ounce of detail from vinyl. But few are taking a different approach to the basic technology. One company, however, has set out to elevate the vinyl listening experience to a different plateau—DSAudio. Learn more below about the DSAudio difference and how to bring it home to your Marietta listening room. 

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Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Cartridges—The Basics

If you’re a vinyl fan, you likely know about the two most common types of turntable cartridges. One is moving magnet (MM), and the other is moving coil (MC). Even if you’re not so familiar with them, we’ll compare them here and then discuss how DSAudio is taking the technology forward.  

MM cartridges are the go-to for many, and for good reasons. They’re generally more affordable and user-friendly, making them a great entry point for newcomers or audiophiles on a budget. But don’t let the price tag fool you; MM cartridges can deliver a robust and warm sound that’s nothing to scoff at. They’re versatile, compatible with most setups, and come with the added bonus of a replaceable stylus. This means you can easily swap it out when it wears down, extending the life of your cartridge. The downside is that the integrated magnet adds weight to the cartridge, creating more drag, potentially more noise, and greater wear on valuable vinyl discs. 

MC cartridges are often considered the audiophile choice. These little wonders are all about precision and nuance. With their lighter moving parts, MC cartridges offer superior tracking and less wear on your precious vinyl. They’re known for their clarity, detail, and wide soundstage, making every spin feel like a live performance. However, this sonic nirvana comes at a cost in terms of price and setup complexity. You’ll likely need a specialized phono preamp, and if the stylus wears out, you’re looking at a pricier replacement or re-tipping service. But for those who crave that extra layer of audio fidelity, the investment is often well worth it.

The DSAudio Difference

DSAudio is a company that defies convention and isn’t afraid to experiment with new approaches to elevating audio performance. They have reimagined the design and role of the cartridge and phono preamp in vinyl sound reproduction. 

First, they have incorporated a new technology in the collection of information from the record grooves—optical. Using high-tech LED evolved from a technology originally developed by Toshiba, they have designed a solution that solves the downsides of both MM and MC designs. It’s 50% lighter than MC, creating less drag and noise. Its high output of 70Mv reduces the phono preamp’s workload significantly, allowing for a lower noise floor that lets vinyl’s dynamic range soar. 

But that’s not all. DS Audio cartridges are amplitude-proportional generators. They minimize issues with MC and MM designs, such as lower bass, caused by how they produce electrical signals based on the record speed. As all modern albums are recorded via the RIAA standard curve optimized for the LP, bass suffered somewhat while treble was increased. Phono preamps typically compensate for this by boosting bass and equalizing higher frequencies. DSAudio cartridges capture more bass from the recording, producing a richer, warmer sound. The cartridges pair with their specially designed phono preamps compatible with the optical technology to generate a different level of performance from vinyl. The result? Lower noise, lower drag, no hum, improved bass, and more natural treble—analog audio nirvana. 


With six cartridges and five phono preamps, there is a revolutionary DSAudio vinyl setup for enthusiasts, from premium entry-level to reference class. At HiFi Buys, we’re here to guide you on your audio journey. Visit us in Atlanta, GA, and let’s turn your audio dreams into reality. Contact us here to learn more! 

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