Check Out Wilson Audio at HiFi Buys!

It’s no secret that we love high-end hi-fi! When we have the opportunity to experience the best in audio, and can also provide it to our customers, we jump at the chance. That’s why we are excited about adding Wilson Audio products to list of outstanding brands that we carry.

Wilson Audio has been providing world class speakers and audio equipment for close to 50 years. Founded in 1974 by David and Sheryl Wilson, they are known for creating the highest quality sound and have a reputation for designing and building cabinets that are incredibly sturdy and made to last. While the pricing of these units may cause some to raise an eyebrow, true audiophiles know that you get what you pay for, and in this case, you get an audio experience that is second to none.

To celebrate the addition of this amazing line, we are hosting a special “Experience Perfection” event on March 26 where you can experience the difference of Wilson Audio yourself and learn more about their products from reps from the company. Joining Wilson Audio will be representatives from three other fantastic brands, Dan D’Agostino, dCS and AudioQuest. The event will include product demos, question and answer sessions, and a discussion of how you can combine equipment to create some of the best sound ever! We hope you will join us, the team from Wilson Audio and other audiophiles for an evening of unadulterated sound excellence.


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