Business as (Un)Usual

We have had many of our customers ask how they can continue to support us during this incredibly difficult time for all of us. Our first answer is to stay healthy! We consider you to be family, and we want to have a huge party on the other side and expect to see all of you there.

In addition to that, we have made quite a few adjustments to accommodate the needs of our customers. While the showroom is closed, we are available for sales advice, questions and tech support as needed. We are happy to set up a video chat at your convenience, answer questions via email or simply talk on the phone. Feel free to email us at [email protected] or simply complete the form on our contact page.

And when you want to make a purchase, we are happy to take your credit card information over the phone and:

  • Load your purchase into your trunk when you drive to the store;
  • Ship it to you for free if we have it in stock;
  • Ask the manufacturer to drop ship it directly to you if we don’t have it in the store at this time.

Now that you are spending a lot more time at home, it is a good time to consider upgrading your speakers, looking into a home theater or adding new components to your system. We will even set them up for you if you are comfortable with that option.

We appreciate all of your support and loyalty during this very challenging time and wish you all continued health. We can’t wait to celebrate once we are all comfortably on the other side of this!

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