Helping Veterans Through the Healing Power of Music

To help veterans dealing with adjusting to normal life again, Alchemy Sky Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project recently teamed up to give these veterans an outlet. Alchemy Sky’s mission is to bring the healing power of music to those who need it most, so when Wounded Warrior presented them with veterans in need, they didn’t hesitate to partner for America’s bravest and help them create and record an original song, “Adjust Fire.”

“Music has the ability to not only tell a deeply emotional story, it can bring people together and help them in a way no other medium can,” says Alan Jones, President of HiFi Buys and a Board Member with Alchemy Sky Foundation. “When people may not be able to express themselves in regular conversation, music provides them another means of speaking their truth. For many, this can be incredibly healing and therapeutic. This is our goal at Alchemy Sky, and I’m honored be a board member of this organization that provided this opportunity for our brave military men and women.”

From the participating veterans:

  • “It actually drew things out that I really didn’t know I was feeling.” Jamahl Joyner, Army
  • “Writing about it helps get the feelings out, the emotions out.” Kimia Flournoy, U.S. Marine Corp
  • “It’s designed to bring hope, because we’re saving lives with the music we’re creating and we’re reaching the veterans who suffer from PTSD, traumatic TBIs [and] memory loss.” Milton King, Army National Guard
  • “Getting to write and helping everyone else with the writing as well, it was just freeing to see some people letting out what they’re thinking about and what they’re going through.” Marcus McCreary, Army
  • “Music is a very dominant role in my life. It helps with my PTSD and my therapy. Not having music would make life suck all the way around.” Lee Andrew Bray, Army
  • “The whole thing is, when you come together with other veterans, you’re able to open up and express yourself.” Tyrell Bond, Army
  • “Coming here, they actually gave me confidence that I didn’t think I had. It’s been an ultimate positive experience for me.” Teak Safiya Wilson, Army
  • “It was an outlet for me to create and to get in touch with feelings I may not have known were there.” D’Olivia Jones, Air Force

In conjunction with Alchemy Sky, HiFi Buys will be hosting a release party for “Adjust Fire” on Thursday, March 7 from 6-8pm and we’d love to see you there! At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to speak with the veterans involved and hear additional insights that went into the project. We encourage everyone to attend and meet these brave individuals, celebrate their achievements and thank them for their service.



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