Time to Up Your Turntable Game?

If so, you should really check out Clearaudio’s new Concept Active turntables. In this upgrade of their popular Concept turntable, the Concept Active is fully loaded with all the goods and perfect for personal vinyl listening at home or in your office (which is probably at home right now too!).

Choose from Clearaudio’s most popular MM & MC cartridges, the Concept MM, Concept MC and Maestro V2, to take advantage of the Active’s built-in, fully discrete, class-A phono preamp. Then decide whether you want to plug in your best set of headphones or play through your powered speakers or audio system. This is an impeccable combination of quality parts and features for those wanting exquisite sound and maximum versatility.

The Concept Active is available in 2 wood finishes as well as black/black and silver/black. And if you purchase one of these options with either the Clearaudio Concept MC or Maestro V2 MM cartridge, you can save up to $1,100 between now and the end of the year. Come by the store or call us to learn more and get your very own!


  • Dark wood, light wood, silver/black, or  black/black
  • Satisfy Black or Satisfy Carbon Tonearm
  • Concept MC or Maestro V2 pre-mounted
  • Integral headphone amp & phono stage
  • Class A circuitry
  • Adjustable gain and loading
  • Sub-sonic filter
  • Bypass output
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