X2 Turntable


Audiophile Turntable with Composite Tonearm & Acrylic Platter

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Pro-Ject X2 Turntable

Structurally, the X2 is supported by its large, heavy, dense and stiff MDF structure, reducing unwanted resonances. Inside, it houses a sophisticated DC/ AC generator board which, combined with the convenient speed control board, delivers clean and stable power to the silent motor system. The tonearm is longer – 9″ in length – and the tube has a wider diameter and the carbon/aluminum composite construction results in better internal damping. The entire tonearm bearing is upgraded to compensate for the extra mass; altogether tracking will be more precise, stable and accurate. The one-piece design avoids vibrations caused by detachable headshells. The TPE damped counterweight reduces arm-cartridge resonances by as much as 50%. To get the best performance out of an already good motor, we further isolate it via a suspension. This ensures vibrations are damped and eliminated, so they are not transmitted onto the chassis, platter and cartridge. The X2‘s motor chassis is carefully balanced and suspended on a precision tuned TPE isolator, effectively decoupling it from the main plinth for optimal performance. The X2 is supplied with a factory mounted and aligned Sumiko Moonstone cartridge. Exceptionally well-balanced and capable of breathtaking dynamics, the Moonstone is one of the best tracking cartridge we have ever measured, regardless of price. As a bonus, the stylus is field replaceable should it become worn or damaged. Isolation from external vibrations is achieved with newly developed Aluminum/Thermo Plastic Elastomer composite feet which are are height/leveling adjustable.

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Gloss Black, Satin Black, Satin Walnut, Satin White