NAD M12 Digital Preamp DAC: HiFi Buys Review

Nothing is more frustrating than investing in a piece of technology for yourself and then later suffering from a twinge of buyer’s remorse when you arrive home. You ask yourself, “Should I have waited for the new version to be released?” iPhone 5S anyone?


Well, here at HiFi Buys we have a new and exciting product that hit our store recently that is way beyond its time




We want to introduce you to the NAD M12 Digital Preamp DAC, a Direct Digital™ product. It has a long name for its long list of qualities. As you know a pre amp is how you select, which input you, are listening to and how much volume you want to get from the amplifier. A DAC is what translates digitally stored info into analogue. This machine will leave you with nothing but the purist of sound. Below are some of our favorite features and why the M12 is worth every penny.


1. The M12 and the genius behind the company NAD designed this pre amp with their Modular Design Construction (MDC). Which means you can switch out modules/cards as technology or your needs change. Here is the real gem behind this system. The M12 has the full capability to be morphed into the best audio home stereo system – just add your TV!


2. There is nothing you can’t plug into this thing. There are multiple digital inputs, phono input for a turntable, USB for your laptop, balanced XLR inputs and unbalanced RCA connections. This truly is your jack-of-all-trades sound solution.


3. Crossover outputs to divide up the frequency for the subwoofers and speakers. a toslink and a coax digital inputs as well. Yes, please!


4. You also have the check out the DD HDM-1 and DD BluOS cards for the M12, truly incredible. The DD BluOS module card is the epic center for your music. This card allows you to stream any type of music from your library and has access to TuneIn radio.


5. Finally, one of the most unique features of this product is the magnetic feet. These feet look like cool metal spikes that sit in a cup! This design in return reduces the vibration in the hard drive – they are like isolation feet. Again, delivering you the most eloquent sound on the market to your ears.


As the saying goes this is literally just the tip of the iceberg. Please join us in store and let us give you an in-person demo of the power and grace of the NAD Masters Series M12.


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