HiFi Buys Review: NightHawk Headphones

WARNING – Ahead is a review of the coolest headphones ever! Fair warning: after you read this, you will want to buy them. Seriously, we are not kidding.


Now that we’ve given you fair warning about the Nighthawk headphones from AudioQuest. Here are the top 10 ridiculously cool details on these bad boys:

  1. They are made out of liquid wood! What?. Liquid wood is a processed wood material, which AudioQuest melted into a mold for the outside of the ear cuff.
  2. They come with a really nice case. It provides great protection for the headphones, but without the bulk. This is an important feature with investment electronics such as these headphones.
  3. They are made in modules and then pieced together. If there is ever an issue, you can get that individual module fixed instead of replacing the entire headphone.
  4. The NightHawk comes with 2 (that’s right count them, 2) cables! The first is for crumbling up and stuffing in your bag. (It’s okay, we all do it.) Then the second cord is brilliantly made up of red copper silver plating. They’re mini versions of castle rock speaker cables, but for these headphones. We suggest that you save these for your listening room.
  5. Oh, the ear cuffs. So much to say about them. One, they are shaped like an ear. Two, the ear cuffs articulate, meaning they swivel and move based on your movement. Chewing gum, talking –whatever your motion, these will move with you. Amazing, right?
  6. These ear cuffs act like an open headphone but cut down on ambient noise, so you can tell someone is talking to you but you can’t really make out what they are saying. If you ask me, that’s perfect for home and the airplane.
  7. The design and quality of these headphones are so high that we recommend investing at least 200 hours of break in before they are at their full sonic ability.
  8. One of the most incredible features is the driver in the headphones. As the driver sits next to your ear, the real bio cellulous is lightweight, stiff. And self damped like high-end drivers in speakers!
  9. The inner part of the ear cuffs that go around your actual ear are made of protein leather that was designed by Nissan It’s constructed of eggshells and mimics a human’s touch. Talk about environmentally friendly and soft!
  10. When we tried them ourselves in the sound room, Alicia Keys singing the song “Falling” made us feel all the emotion that comes through in that song. The bass was killing it.

Okay, we promised only 10 reasons why the NightHawk Headphones from AudioQuest were worth your time and money. So come see at the store and see for yourself why there are another 25 reasons these headphones need to be in your life. Mention this blog to get the other 25 reasons! See you soon!


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