Happy Hi-Fi Holidays! Here’s Our Top 15 Fab Gifts at all Price Points

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Does someone on your gift list spend a lot of time bemoaning his or her headphones? How many times have you heard your spouse bemoan the sound quality in their stereo? Have we got gift ideas for YOU! Here are our top 15 gifts for all the audiophiles on your list:


Under $100


Vinyl Records (from $20 and up)

Why is vinyl making a comeback? Music fans of all ages appreciate the interactive ritual of pulling a disc out of a sleeve, putting it on a turntable, then sitting back and becoming immersed in the music until it’s time for Side 2. Our selection covers every musical genre! Come visit us and pick your music lover’s favorite.


Grado – SR80 Headphones ($99)

One reviewer called the Grado brand the “Rolls Royce” of headphones, and we agree! They give great energy to the bass track and natural sound to the vocals. At this price point, they’re the perfect gift for your gamer or jam band fanatic.


Under $500


Sonos – Powered Wireless Speakers – Play 1 ($199), Play 3 ($299), Play 5 ($499)

Choose from three price points offering the sound and size your hifi nut needs. The Play 1 is the most compact, with a deep, crystal clear sound; the Play 3 features immersive bass and room-filling power; and the largest, the Play 5, offers pure, deep, vibrant sound.


Bluesound – Pulse Mini Powered Wireless Speaker ($499) Node ($499)

What should you get the person on your gift list that has the largest digital music library? How about wireless speakers that let them stream to their heart’s content? The Pulse Mini offers compact all-in-one music streaming with a big sound; the Node lets your music lover free up their tunes to stream to any stereo.


Rega – RP1 Turntable w/cartridge ($445)

Rega’s RP1 turntable takes less than a minute to set up, so your music lover can be listening to vinyl in no time flat. Minimally designed with quality parts, this turntable is engineered to provide listening enjoyment for many years.


PSB – Imagine X Speakers – XB ($499/pair)

PSB’s compact, 2-way speakers feature a 5.25″” woofer and a one inch titanium dome tweeter. They’re ideal for smaller rooms or in concert with a powered subwoofer for a compact full-range system.


Under $1,000


PSB – Imagine X Speakers – X1T ($898/pair)

The Imagine X 1T floor-standing speaker offers a slim design with large bandwidth. Its dual-woofer two-and-a-half way design features identical 5.25″” woofers that work in tandem at the lowest frequencies but crossover at different frequencies to integrate better with room acoustics and give the optimum dispersion and power response.


NAD – C326BEE Integrated Amplifier ($550)

This amplifier features careful design and premium quality, dyanic components. It’s perfect for music lovers with smaller systems who demand a top-notch performance from their equipment.


Dynavector – 10X5 Phono Cartridge ($550)

This award-winning cartridge is widely accepted at the benchmark in High Output moving coil cartridge at this price point and beyond. Its streamlined design makes it easy to attach to any turntable tone arm.


Audioquest – NightHawk Headphones ($599)

Do you have a music lover that’s ready to up their headphone game? The NighHawk’s ear cups are designed like high-end loudspeaker cabinets, and the trickle-down technology from AudioQuest’s quality video cables provides great sound along with outstanding comfort and style.


REL – Subwoofers – T5i ($749), T7i ($999)

The 8-inch T5i  design reduces the classic cubic sub to its bare essence. A single, high quality AlloyFibre™ composite driver and down firing orientation produces maximum coupling with the floor and eliminates the need for a grille. The T7i is balanced and delicate for a perfect blend; it can pound out exceptionally deep, tuneful bass that belies its size and plays louder than most will ever require.




PSB – Imagine X Speakers – X2T ($1298/pair)

Another outstanding floor speaker, the Imagine X2T  is a three-way, dual-chamber, dual front-ported design with a one-inch titanium dome tweeter, two 6.5-inch woofers, and a unique 5.25-inch self-contained midrange driver.


REL – Subwoofers – T9i ($1249)

The T91 represents the most that REL can deliver, if sheer output alone is a primary requirement for your theater or music system buff. The combination of a lightweight, composite 10” driver coupled to a matching 10” T/i passive delivers speed, slam and attack when called upon but also is capable of tracing more delicate passages when necessary.


KEF – LS50 Bookshelf Speakers ($1500)

They’re on sale! The KEF LS50 mini monitor speaker delivers a rich, multi-dimensional ‘soundstage experience’ for the ultimate studio-style home listening room—even in the smallest of spaces.


Prima Luna – Prologue Premium Integrated Amplifier ($2399)

Want to make the most of those speakers? The Prima Luna Prologue Premium is an integrated amplifier without peer, even when it’s up against more expensive models. Its Smart Watts design features a tube life of up to 10 years. Features include point-to-point wiring, premium parts like an Alps Blue Velvet Volume control, and custom-wound output transformers for super-wide bandwidth and bass that has punch and follow-through.


Don’t stop here—come visit us in Buckhead and get the full array of our gifts, inventory and expertise. We want to help you fill up your sleigh! Check out more gift ideas on our Facebook page, too.


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