CES Takeaways, Part 2 of 2

In part one of this series, I shared some of the products from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that really impressed me. There are still a few more that I think you should know about.


Britain’s REL revealed a really unique product called the 212SE. Most of their subwoofers can now be used wirelessly – no subwoofer cables needed. The 212SE is intended for larger scale systems and it allows larger and smaller speakers truly full range sound. Amazingly, it takes up about 1.5 square feet on the floor. It will be available to consumers during this year.

“Spyder” Turntable by Brinkmann Audio

The new “Spyder” is an incredibly cool new turntable from Brinkmann Audio. It can accommodate up to four 9”-12” tonearms at once, while providing maximum flexibility of placement. The sound in the Vandersteen room with the Spyder was really large scale, with all the dynamics and finesse we are accustomed to with the Sevens.

Here’s an interesting clip of Andrea Brinkmann speaking about the innovations the company brought to this new design.

AudioQuest Nighthawk Headphone

AudioQuest’s first headphone offering is simply spectacular. The NightHawk’s earcups are made from a new material called “Liquid Wood”. Liquid Wood is actual wood that has been combined with reclaimed plant fiber, heated, liquefied, and processed so that it can be injection molded. The Nighthawk is also the first from-the-ground-up production headphone to use a 3D-printed part. HiFi Buys is already taking pre-orders and we hope to have these in your hands later this spring.

CES always comes with a lot of hype and over-the-top marketing messages. But it’s also the place where we learn which products are bringing true refinement and innovation to the marketplace. We always encourage you to share your thoughts here on the blog, on social media, but most of all, in the store. Come on in and “Get the Experience!”

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