NAD Electronics is renowned globally for its award-winning line of high-quality components for audio, home theater and custom installation applications. The company’s products consistently deliver outstanding innovation, performance, value and simplicity.

Get To Know NAD

What motivated your founders to start the company?

NAD was founded in 1972 by audio-industry veterans who wanted to cut through all the marketing hype and get back to basics — delivering affordably priced, great sound to their customers. NAD is driven by a passionate belief that true-to-source sound should be accessible to everyone.

What is it that sets you apart in this industry?

NAD continues to be a high-performance, high value electronics brand, with a mission to remove barriers to good sound. This mission is one that has stood the test of time – it’s the mission that drove the founding of the brand. NAD removes barriers to good sound through an unwavering commitment to four values: innovation, value, performance and simplicity.

What is it about your products that keeps customers coming back?

NAD’s “music first” philosophy results in products that honestly reproduce the recording artist’s performance and the producer’s vision, without the fuss and pomp that hi-fi brands are often known for. It’s a simple formula for success, honed over 45+ years of consistent pursuit to remove the technological and affordability barriers to good sound.

Tell us why you enjoy doing business with Hifi Buys?

HiFi Buys is a strong, supportive NAD dealer with excellent product knowledge and outstanding customer service.

Why We Love NAD

"I love the NAD C-368 and C-388 integrated amps with the optional Bluesound Card. You can get tons of High-Res Music at fingertips, and they work great with a wide variety of loudspeakers."

NAD Lives At HiFI Buys

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