Founded in 1985 by Helmut Brinkmann, Brinkmann Audio is one of the few companies to design and manufacture every source and electronic component in the audio playback chain. Engineering simplicity and product longevity are the cornerstones of the Brinkmann design philosophy. All Brinkmann Audio components are handcrafted in Germany from German-made parts and subassemblies.

Balance on wood 4
Brinkmann Bardo turntable with 10.0 , Photographer: Michael Rasche, Dortmund, www.michaelrasche.com, Use of the pictures only against naming the picture author


What motivated your founders to start the company?

Prior to founding Brinkmann, Helmut had been partners in Audiolabor, which he sold in 1984. Helmut Brinkmann had developed all of the products for Audiolabor, including a highly-regarded turntable named “Konstant.” Fans of the brand asked him to continue developing products, which had a cult following. When he sold Audiolabor, Helmut had been working on a statement turntable and started Brinkmann to complete the design. That turntable was the legendary Balance, which was the first product marketed by Brinkmann when the company was founded in 1985. It has remained in continuous Series Production ever since!

What is it that sets you apart in this industry?

For 35 years, all Brinkmann products have manifested the vision of a single designer. These products are original, authentic and never beholden to trends or fashion. Brinkmann is unique in that, unlike most components which have a production life of a few years, Brinkmann products tend to stay current for decades. Our electronics, for example, have been manufactured for 15 years or longer, while the Balance is now 35 years young! Brinkmann makes ongoing improvements to all of its products and most—if not all—of these updates can be incorporated into older production, keeping them at the state-of-the-art. All Brinkmann products are handmade in Germany and last a lifetime.

What is it about your products that keeps customers coming back?

The “Brinkmann Sound” which is liquid, cohesive, detailed and highly dynamic has captured our customers’ imagination for 35 years. The authentic sound The “Brinkmann DNA” combines this immediately recognizable musical quality with gorgeous aesthetics and operational simplicity. Combine these strengths with incredible longevity and excellent service and you can see why Brinkmann has so many return customers.

Tell us why you enjoy doing business with Hifi Buys?

Alan Jones and his team share Brinkmann’s passion for music, enthusiasm for great sound and commitment to customer satisfaction. In an age where many retailers are forsaking brick-and-mortar showrooms, HiFi Buys proves that a store that delivers a fantastic customer experience won’t just survive but will actually thrive in good times as well as bad.


I set up a lot of turntables, probably over 1000 in the last eight years. I am not ashamed to be called a perfectionist. Nothing satisfies my perfectionism more than setting up a Brinkmann turntable. Helmut Brinkmann is also a perfectionist and when it comes to a turntable that is what you want in the design and in the set up. Using a Brinkmann protractor on one of their turntables allows me to set it up in a way that is unlike any other manufacturer. It is so intuitive and precise that it makes one wonder what all the other manufacturers were thinking.


Once a Brinkmann turntable is set up, it will maintain those settings with the utmost precision for the life of the turntable. There is just something about German engineering that won't accept anything less than the finest tolerances in the execution of their designs. A turntable is an incredibly accurate vibration measuring device meant to extract the finest nuances out of your vinyl grooves. Helmut Brinkmann gets this and has done an amazing job of it for over 35 years now.

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