Omri Williams

HiFi Sales


“Music Lover by Choice” 

I caught the bug young and started seeking out places I could listen to excellent equipment. Headphones, high-end 2 channels, different amps, and DACs, turn tables, you name it. But more than anything this career is the perfect place to be to connect with people who love music – the HiFi industry wouldn’t exist without it. Audio is the catalyst for emotion to come through when listing to your favorite records. I’ve found the more effortless it sounds, the more intense your emotional response can be.


  • Book: The Doors of Perception – Aldous Huxley
  • Food: Sunflower Seeds!!
  • Fruit: ^ See answer Above

What do you love about your job? 

  • Working with and learning as much as I can from the people more experienced than I am, all the guys here are great to be around. Taking customers on tours of the store is also awesome, getting to see their reactions when they hear a system they connect with is special to me. 

Hidden or weird talents?

  • I really enjoy photography and love playing my synthesizer whenever I get the chance.

Omri has exclaimed his love for Cats over dogs. He is also a world renown whistler, you should ask about his rendition of “My Resistance is Low” by Bernard Cribbins. Also, if you happen to know Jeff Magnum, Julian Koster, Joni Mitchell or Brian Wilson please invite them to a dinner party with Omri as he would love to meet them especially if it was in New Zealand.