Magnepan MMC2 Motorized On-Wall Speakers (pair)
Magnepan MMC2 Motorized On-Wall Speakers (pair)

Magnepan MMC2 Motorized On-Wall Speakers (pair)


    The MMC 2 is a 3-way, motorized, on-wall, quasi-ribbon, dipolar speaker with a planar-magnetic midrange driver plus a quasi-ribbon tweeter and super-tweeter.

    The motor provides a mechanism to swing the speaker out from the wall when it is in use and retract flat against the wall when the listening session is over. Magnepan offers a power supply box, which can be controlled by 12V signals from an AVR or A/V processor, and that can drive the motorized mechanisms of up to six MMC2's

  • Frequency Response: 100 Hz - 24 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 86 dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Dimensions: 10.25 x 46 x 1 inches
Manuals & Specifications

Magnepan is an audio loudspeaker manufacturer whose loudspeaker technology was conceived and implemented by engineer Jim Winey in 1969. This Magneplanar design was the first among the planar-magnetic classification of speakers.

The Magneplanar design differs from that of conventional speakers. It does not rely on cones mounted in an enclosure but on a planar driver system mounted in a panel. This approach is similar in concept as a voice coil-driven cone speaker but in a Magnepan speaker the ""voice coils"" are attached directly to the radiating surface.

Magneplanar's reproducing mechanism comprises thin conductive wires and or foil strips attached to a thin sheet of Mylar residing in a magnetic field created by a vertical array of permanent strip magnets. When an amplified signal is applied to the conductors, the resultant electrical forces react with the magnetic field to excite the Mylar film sheet, which projects sound as a dipole. In principle, this approach relies on the same concept as a voice coil-driven cone speaker, but in a Magneplanar speaker the ""voice coils"" are attached (glued) directly to the radiating surface.

Due to its dipole design the sound from the back of Magneplanar speakers is reflected from the front wall of the listening area, to effectively enhance the soundstage, the sense of space and realism of the speaker.

Some Magnepan models also come with a full-length, vertically oriented ribbon tweeter that improves high-end extension and resolution. The direct-coupled ribbon tweeter with its 360 degree radiating dipole design sets a standard for high resolution, allowing details in the music to be clearly heard.

The Magneplanar quasi ribbon drivers eliminate the need for a transformer, placing nothing between the speaker and an amplifier to degrade the sound. Ribbon drivers are non-reactive and act like a simple resistor, allowing an amplifier to perform at its best.

One aspect of a planer speaker is that a large panel is required to produce deep bass. Magnepan has addressed this via the physical size of its speakers utilizing a large radiating surface to produce bass. These full-range planar speakers accurately reproduce bass and midbass, replicating the correct timbre of an acoustical instrument.

Magnepan speaker’s ability to transport you to a space and time and realistically recreate the sound of actual acoustic instruments is extraordinary. They reproduce the sound of real instruments in real space.