Nano v2


The nano phono V2 phonostage isn’t ruffled by anything. External interferences are no longer an issue with this fine piece of engineering.


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clearaudio Nano v2 Phono Stage

The Nano Phono V2 uses a fully dual mono design for best sound quality. It may be used with either MM or MC cartridges. Cartridge type is selected with individual jumpers for the left and right channels, which are located on the underside of the unit.

The standard input impedance is set at 47 k ohms, which ensures an optimal setting for all MM cartridges. For the perfect input matching with MC cartridges, Clearaudio now includes resistor pairs, which you insert into sockets on the bottom of the chassis for loading options of 51 ohm, 200 ohm, 402 ohm, and 1 kohm. If there are no resistors connected to the jumpers while in MC mode, the cartridge is automatically loaded with 47 k ohms.

The 402 ohm resistors are recommended for Clearaudio MC cartridges. It should be noted that sometimes your personal preference for cartridge loading may differ from that recommended by the cartridge manufacturer. If so, Clearaudio recommends that you trust your own listening abilities in your own surroundings.


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