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Pro iDSD Desktop DSD DAC


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iFi Audio Pro iDSD Desktop DSD DAC

It’s a standalone unit, a streamer and a DAC/amp. And with the option to listen in solid-state, tube or tube+, there’s something for everyone. The Pro iDSD plays all files from MP3 up to hi-res DSD and MQA. For the first time, it brings Studio Grade DSD1024 to a wider audience – a rare feat. You are well and truly future-proofed. All controlled from the palm of your hand via an app. Choose a wireless connection to stream your favourite tunes from Tidal, Spotify, Napster – the list is endless. Take it up a notch by using a wired Ethernet connection to play from a router or NAS (Network Attached Storage). Or relax with AirPlay to enjoy playback from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

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