C 588 Belt-Drive Turntable


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NAD C 588 Belt-Drive Turntable

The C 588 uses a specialized, high precision, smooth and accurate synchronous clock motor driven from a stable AC voltage. This AC voltage is isolated from the AC Mains by first converting it to a clean DC voltage, and then electronically generating the precise AC frequency to regulate the motor. Using a specially formulated belt to drive the platter further filters and isolates any remaining vibration. All rotating parts are made from aluminum alloy machined to very tight tolerances to eliminate any vibration in the drive system. The C 588 features a custom designed carbon fiber tonearm shaft with a fixed metal head shell and features a decoupled counterweight and magnetic anti-skate compensation. An Ortofon 2M Red cartridge offers superb tracking and a delicately nuanced full range sound. The C 588 uses a longer than usual 9” tonearm to optimize overhang and reduce the tracking angle error.