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Founded in Cambridge, UK, by a group of expert electronic engineers, Data Conversion Systems originally designed and manufactured high performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) for major telecommunications companies and military agencies, whose primary requirement was technology that delivered state-of-the-art precision, linearity and reliabilityToday the company now exclusively designs and manufactures state-of-the-art digital audio playback systems for the home.


Get To Know dCS

What motivated your founders to start the company?

After successful ventures in the fields of telecommunications and military aerospace contracting, dCS turned its attention to the burgeoning field of digital audio recording and playback. The company applied its expertise in digital processing and conversion, along with an agnostic approach to solving the flaws inherent in early digital record/playback systems, to quickly establish itself as a pioneer in the field.

What is it that sets you apart in this industry?

Our company approaches problem-solving with an open mind, remaining agnostic when considering new and specific technologies. Our passion, insatiable curiosity, and open-mindedness enable us to embrace change and push the limits of human ingenuity. Our willingness and ability to reimagine digital solutions continue to allow us to define—and then redefine—the boundaries of what's possible for digital music reproduction. Our pursuit of the transcendent musical experience and commitment to serve our customers defines our culture. 

What is it about your products that keeps customers coming back?

Everyone at dCS is driven to define and then exceed the highest standards in the industry. Our quest for better sound never ends, and our approach to technology allows owners to participate in our discoveries frequently through simple software upgrades. Our greatest desire is that our products stir a passion for music. We design and build musical sources that are truly transparent, playback systems that strip away artifice and distortion, leaving only the music. 

Tell us why you enjoy doing business with HiFi Buys?

We work with only the most talented and qualified dealers in any given market, and then work hard on a partnership centered on service and support. Alan Jones and his team at HiFi Buys have created a culture of high performance without judgment. While they offer the finest products available, they also have a unique understanding of the joy only music can bring. Their knowledge, service, and support precisely embody dCS's cultural values.

Why We Love dCS

"dCS makes the finest digital products in the world. Their build quality is a thing of beauty and their Ring DAC technology is second to none in linearity. It makes bits sound like grooves. Owning a dCS product gives you the comfortable confidence to know it will sound better with age. Not because of some crazy long break-in period, but because it will be regularly receiving programming updates that make it sound even more amazing. For over 30 years they have produced products that make listening to music enjoyable and reliable. My personal experience has been second to none as the company and the products are truly exceptional."

dCS Lives At HiFI Buys