Home Theater

Home theater, or surround sound, has been around awhile and really started to increase in popularity in the 80’s with the addition of Dolby Pro Logic. Today it has moved all the way forward to Atmos, which is just starting to grab hold. HiFi Buys has systems on display to help you make the decisions that matter to you.

Most of the work in a Home Theater is done by the center speaker and the subs. If you get the bass right in a theater, the experience can truly be mind blowing. If you have a weak center channel speaker, then it can be underwhelming. Our job is to protect your investment when putting these systems together. We invite you to come and experience the movies first hand so you will know what a great system sounds like, and for that matter, how nice it can look!

From the dedicated theater room with rows of seating for the whole gang to a family room that is the central focus of the family but can still be the “go to” theater. Better fidelity enhances a home with the sounds of your favorite artists and soundtracks. All these systems require experience and conversation with you, the user, to make sure the end result is what YOU want. This is truly a customized experience: we’ll build a system just for you!

Control4 systems make using your system a snap and, as we all know, if it isn’t easy we will not use it! We have a full team of professionals to help you with your project. From the design, to installation, and beyond we have the know how so you can get the experience!

HiFi Buys – your home theater experts