Home Automation

There are many directions one can take when wanting to automate a home. From one-room control over the family room or dedicated home theater to full control over the lights, thermostats, pool systems, security systems, shades and much more. From complex systems to the simplest of control, HiFi Buys has one goal in mind: to get the home to work for you!

We specialize in Control4 and know that its abilities and cost:value are exceptional! After using Control4 myself (Alan Jones), the thing I like controlling the best in my home is the lighting. I never come home to a dark house, and I can cut all the lights off after I have gone upstairs for the evening. My garage doors automatically shut when I say goodnight to the house just in case I forget to shut them. When family members come home they can touch one button and have their favorite TV show pop right up on the TV… with the sound system and everything playing at just the right volume level.

I have walked into many homes with systems installed where it appeared the homeowner had to work on the system, rather than the system working for the home owner. The smallest amount of button presses is our #1 goal in home automation. The end result is your satisfaction with the system. It enhances a home with ease of use.

There are many complicated internet-connected devices today, and it takes professionals to properly set them up to work with your particular system. Our professionals are dedicated to the operation of these systems – it’s all we do and our customers say we’re pretty good at it!

Control4 has continued to refine their product lines and their software, lending to their reputation as a leader in the industry. Our focus on using their products further enhances the overall value and operation of your home.

Come to the store for a look at a whole store operating from this system and you will see what we do. Great product at great values, installed properly and at a reasonable price.

Get the experience at HiFi Buys!