Most of us can remember when music first touched us in a big way. I, Alan Jones, owner of Hifi Buys, remember it like it was yesterday. I worked for the store, Satellite Center in Casa Grande, two days later and my life was written. I have had the privilege of sharing my thirty-plus years of experience with many customers who have spent many millions of their hard earned dollars and shared the experience they receive with others. For your many referrals, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our store is a better place because of you!

If you love music then you have found a home away from the confusion of the internet. Yes, we have a website, but getting the experience is all about coming into the store. Music is personal and we understand that. From simple streaming systems to very high end world class audio, we promise to listen to you and to create a solution that meets your needs. Most customers’ first visit is exploratory – to determine if we mean what we say here. We have more systems set up to enjoy than any store in the southeast and we accept trade-ins, too. We carry a fine selection of used gear to compliment the lines we carry new. There is no one way to build a system for everyone and we will focus on you!

If you’re looking around online, you might find that the information is overwhelming, confusing, or just plain cumbersome. If you want to get a better experience then come and visit us. Our customers tell us this is Disneyland for music lovers! You will enjoy your visit!