Complement Your Sound System Perfectly with a REL Subwoofer

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Explore Why Subwoofers Are Necessary for Any Speaker System and How REL Is Up for the Job!

Does your Atlanta, GA, home or business need an audio boost? A REL Subwoofer by REL Acoustics provides a fantastic option. Specifically designed to handle low-frequency sounds, a high-quality subwoofer completes your system.

This blog will discuss why a subwoofer is a crucial home audio component and why REL Acoustics is a solid choice. Keep reading to learn more!

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The Subwoofer: A Necessary Audio Element

Before we encourage you to stop into our storefront to ask us as many detailed questions as you’d like regarding REL Acoustics and their available subwoofers, we’ll highlight the reasons a subwoofer is non-negotiable. 

Low-Frequency Reproduction

Your subwoofer is responsible for reproducing audio signals from 20Hz to 200Hz, which is below the capabilities of most speakers. With a separate subwoofer, your system will accurately play deep bass notes for a wholly immersive experience. 

Enhanced Audio Quality

Designed with larger drivers and enclosures that can move significant amounts of air, subwoofers bring clarity and impact to your sound. Employing a subwoofer means immediate improvement in audio quality for every genre, ranging from hip-hop to bubblegum pop. 

Balanced Sound

The separation of those bass frequencies achieves better sound distribution. The other speakers in your system are trying, but they’ll likely fail to handle mid-range and low-frequency sounds at the same time. Because of this, you’ll encounter distortion. Offloading the bass allows for an all-around better experience

Room Acoustics

Is your media or home theater room optimized for a bass response? Well, it can be! By experimenting with subwoofer placement, we can quickly reduce resonances and achieve even distribution throughout the room or whatever space needs balance. It’s all about working with the acoustics of the room. 

Immersive Sound

From movies and podcasts to late-night video game sessions, the rumbling sounds of bass will offer a comprehensive sound experience for you, your friends, and your family. The right subwoofer will perfectly reproduce explosions, thunder, and impactful moments, making you feel like you’re genuinely there. 

It’s hard to explain how incredible audio depth and dimension are until you partake in it yourself. Spoiler alert: It brings your audio and video to life!

Working with REL Acoustics and HiFi Buys

REL is a high-quality brand well-known for the sound-enhancing products it produces. HiFi Buys is thrilled to offer our clients REL subwoofers, and here’s why:

  • Sound Quality: REL subwoofers integrate seamlessly with your main speakers, enhancing the audio experience. 
  • Expertise and Heritage: REL Acoustics has been in the business for over three decades, which speaks to its knowledge and commitment.
  • Wide Range of Models: A wide range of subwoofer models suit different budgets and room sizes. The REL product lineup includes compact models for tight spaces and larger models for more demanding applications.
  • Flexibility and Connectivity: The REL subwoofer provides multiple connection options, including high-level and low-level inputs, allowing you to connect them seamlessly to a wide range of audio setups. 

HiFi Buys clients are always thrilled with the performance of their REL subwoofer. If you want this sound system upgrade, visit our showroom today!

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