Ask the Hi-Fi Experts: Headphone Gift Ideas for Every Budget

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Find the Perfect Headphones (Wired or Wireless) for the Music Lover in Your Life

This holiday season, are you shopping for someone who lives and breathes music? Maybe they’re always creating playlists and discovering new musicians. Or perhaps they’re a diehard podcast fan, listening to every episode of their favorite series. 

If they’re still using the flimsy earbuds that came with their phone, treat them to a pair of true-quality headphones. Here at HiFi Buys in Atlanta, GA, we offer high-fidelity headphones at many different price points, so everyone can hear their favorite music more clearly and on the go. 

Discover our headphone gift ideas below! 

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What Makes a Good Pair of Headphones? 

If you’re wondering why some headphones are higher quality (and therefore, more expensive) than others, there are a few reasons. The size of the speakers and materials used in a pair of headphones will greatly affect the sound experience. So if you want to hear every musical detail or accurate, deep bass notes, the headphones you choose will make a difference. 

Additionally, some headphones are a great choice for specific uses. For instance, closed-back headphones will have more impactful bass than open-back headphones, which is ideal for fans of bass-heavy music such as hip hop or EDM. 

Wired Headphones 

Up to $100: Grado SR60x

The SR60x by Grado Labs is an excellent starter pair of headphones. Its drivers are a great size, 44 mm, for clarity and quality. With an impedance of 38 ohms, these headphones are fairly easy to power, so they’re a great match for a variety of amplifiers, even working well directly from a phone. Grado is a third-generation family-owned manufacturer that operates out of the US, and a popular pick for our customers. 

Up to $300: HIFIMAN Sundara

The HIFIMAN Sundara is a step more sophisticated, with a frequency response range of 6 Hz to 75 kHz, meaning it can very accurately reproduce low bass sounds. Its headband is designed for optimal comfort and weight dispersion, and also works well connected to a phone. 

Up to $500: Meze 99 Classics 

This is a beautiful pair of headphones. With walnut wood earcups, memory foam cushions, and a self-adjusting headband, the Meze 99 Classics (pictured above) headphones look just as good as they sound. All internal hardware is fastened with nuts and bolts, no glue—so it will stay sturdy and intact. 

Up to $1,000: Audeze LCD-2 Classic

CNET called the LCD-2 Classic the “muscle car equivalent of headphones.” It has the largest driver on the list and a warm and energetic sound performance. Audeze headphones are engineered and handcrafted in the USA, and with a pair like these, you’ll hear your favorite songs like never before. 

Up to $1,500: Focal Clear MG

At the top of our holiday list is the Clear MG from the renowned French audio manufacturer Focal. Built with an M-shaped magnesium cone in the driver, the Clear MG delivers crystal-clear audio with robust low frequencies, deliciously recreating your favorite bass line or hip-hop beat. The chestnut and mixed metals design is also a beauty to behold and will make an unforgettable gift. 

Wireless Headphones 

Up to $500: Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2

Bowers & Wilkins are known for their high-quality speakers, and these wireless noise-canceling headphones do not disappoint. B&W’s Px7 S2 uses six microphones to catch outstanding noise, block out intrusions, and can play for seven hours on its battery life. 

Up to $1,000: Focal Bathys

The ultimate wireless headphone is also made by Focal. The Bathys Bluetooth headphone can play for up to a whopping 42 hours before needing to be charged again and is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The Bathys is also noise-canceling and is built with genuine leather and microfiber headband. 


Need help deciding? Stop by our store in Atlanta to try out these headphones for yourself! And to learn more or ask any questions, contact HiFi Buys today.

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