HiFi Chats April – July


We won’t have a HiFi Chat today while Alan is on vacation, but if you are missing your 2pm fix, here is a list with links to all of the HiFi Chats we have had to date. It’s quite the collection, but we’d love to hear who you’d like to see us interview too. Email us at [email protected] with your ideas. In the meantime, enjoy these videos!

  1. John Quick, dCS
  2. Bill Peugh, Wilson Audio
  3. Bill McKiegan, Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems
  4. David Solomon, Qoboz
  5. Mike Latvis, HRS
  6. Ken Forsythe, MQA
  7. Richard Vandersteen, Vandersteen Audio
  8. Lee Scoggins, The Absolute Sound
  9. Alan Jones, HiFi Buys
  10. Dave Gordon, Audio Research
  11. Michael Fremer, Analog Planet & Stereophile
  12. Roger Lowe & JR Pruitt, Sonos
  13. Mat Weisfeld, VPI Industries
  14. Garth Powell, AudioQuest
  15. Doug Henderson, JL Audio
  16. Kevin Zarow, Sound United/Marantz
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