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Sonos just launched S2, a new app and operating system. This new generation of the app features upgraded audio processing, an improved design and increased security. S2 offers the latest software to keep your system up to date, and support for higher resolution audio technologies for music and home theater, including Dolby Atmos for the all-new Arc. The updated app makes it even easier for you to search for content, control the sound, and personalize your experience with new features like the ability to save grouped rooms. Just download the new Sonos app to your phone or tablet and delete the old one. All your services, favorites, and settings will be saved. Please reach out to us if you need any help or run into any problems downloading the new Sonos app.

Not all Sonos products will be able to take advantage of the app upgrade.

Older products that can’t get the app upgrade will still receive bug fixes and security patches, but due to their lower memory and processing power, they will not receive future software features. However, the good news is that if you have products that aren’t compatible with this software update, you can take advantage of the Sonos Trade-Up program and save 30% on a new compatible product.

Is your product eligible for the Trade-Up program? There are 3 ways to tell…

1. If it is one of the products listed below:

    • ZP80
    • ZP90
    • ZP100
    • ZP120
    • Connect (Manufactured 2011-2015)
    • Connect:Amp (Manufactured 2011-2015)
    • Play:5 (Gen 1)
    • Bridge
    • CR200

2. If it was manufactured before 2015:
If you aren’t sure if your product is eligible for trade-up, look for 4 digits preceding the serial number on your Sonos product and box. These digits identify the year and month the product was manufactured, YYMM. For example, if the 4 digits read “1408” this signifies the product was manufactured in August of 2014. This is a S1 only product since it was manufactured prior to 2015. If those 4 digits read 1201 it would mean January 2012.

3. Check your account:
The final way to check your product is to check “About my Sonos” for the hardware version within the app or “My Account” on For Connect & Connect:Amp, if the version is:

  • 1.1 or 1.6: S1 only 
  • 1.17 or 1.22: S2 compatible but still Trade Up eligible

If you have one of these products, we would be happy to help you take advantage of the trade-up program, so give us a call or drop by the store to take a look at your options.

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