Vandersteen is Back and with a new Speaker Model

We are looking forward to talking with Richard Vandersteen on our HiFi Chat this week (May 15). Additionally, we have exciting news too! After closing for a period of time to ensure the health and well-being of their employees, Vandersteen has reopened and are making speakers as you read this.

Now that they are back, they are diligently working to produce new Model 2Ce Signature III. The Model 2 has always set the sonic standard for speakers in this price range, and this 8th upgrade is no exception, maintaining the category’s iconic status while retaining its Made in the USA standing. Incorporating new crossover components and eliminating the very seldom employed contour controls, this new version is a more natural and noiseless musical presentation that made the Model 2 famous in 1977.

“With a new and improved circuit board, new higher-quality components, and the elimination of the contour connections, everyone will experience better clarity and reduced noise from this new Model 2. It is good to be back making speakers again and I wish the best for continued health to our customers and our dealers.” – Richard Vandersteen.

This new speaker is priced at only $100 over the current version and available for immediate order with shipping in 3 to 4 weeks. Call us with any questions or to order your very own!


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