You Need To Check Out Anthem ARC Genesis

Often when we are asked to design a home theater, or surround sound system for a media room, we automatically specify an Anthem receiver for the Dolby processing requirements because of their proprietary room correction system known as ARC. Over the history of Dolby surround processing various receiver manufacturers have included room correction packages that did some things pretty well but always seemed to underperform or degrade the overall performance of the system. Many of the old pros preferred to calibrate the system virtually by ear and perhaps with the aid of a sound pressure level meter rather than chance the degradation of the automated calibration system. That changed for many of us when Anthem released, and then continually upgraded, ARC.


Now there is a new update called Anthem ARC Genesis, and it is worth its weight in gold. With the advent of more discrete audio channels made available via Dolby Atmos, the Anthem ARC Genesis just shines. In our showroom theater, we have a 7.2.4 Atmos setup with the sound quality greatly assisted via a combination of acoustical diffusion and absorption panels to address the various audio dips and boosts caused by the room dimensions and construction materials. Recently we re-calibrated the theater with the updated ARC Genesis software, and we were all impressed with the sonic improvements. Tailoring the frequency response and room delay in an eleven-channel surround system is no easy feat, but the ARC Genesis was more than up for the task. We all noticed a more coherent sound field where everything sounded just right. Once you have everything balanced and maximized, it is much easier to slip into the movie director’s vision and experience the willing suspension of disbelief.


Stop by soon and let us show you how exciting and immersive your system can be!
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