Peachtree Audio Returns to Peachtree Road at HiFi Buys!

Nothing is more awesome than having customers come into our store who were with us in our first location on Peachtree Road. It’s even happier when we can bring back some of the greatest names in audio—especially when they’re bringing innovative new products with them. That’s the case with David Solomon and Peachtree Audio.

Recently, we got to talk to David about a variety of topics. In this post, we’ll talk about the new presence at Peachtree Audio; next month, we’ll talk about their Nova line of amplifiers and what’s on the horizon.



First, a bit of history: David is actually part of HiFi Buy’s early history. “I got my first audio job on the floor at HiFi Buys in Buckhead in 1981. After spending a few years selling and managing, I accepted the role of personal and training manager. Everyone there spent 30 days with me before they got to sell. I was teaching the new hires how digital works, how speakers work and what makes things sound better. They had to take a very comprehensive test at the end of the course covering in-depth detail on how audio and video worked.

We had regular targeted listening sessions, so all of the stores had the same access to real information as the ones who bought it. Like now, education was very important to HiFi Buys. “

Years later in 2007, David Solomon and Jim Spainhour launched Peachtree Audio with the groundbreaking Decco integrated amplifier.

This was the first amp to feature a USB input and other digital inputs designed for modern components and computers, all with digital outputs. The Decco became one of the iconic audio products, and solidified Peachtree Audio’s reputation for innovation and great sound at down-to-earth prices.

After many successful product launches at Peachtree Audio, David went on to blaze new audio trails, but remained in partnership with Jim. As he says, “When I left Peachtree, I was tired and looking for something else to do. I accepted the position of National Sales and Marketing Director for Tidal music streaming service to launch the industry in the U.S.—I still love the system—I had a great time and one of the coolest jobs ever, traveling around the world and making friends and visiting manufacturing sites. When JayZ bought the company, he brought in his own team so it was time to start planning my next move.

I met up with Jim at Rocky Mountain Audiofest. He said ‘Dave, we’ve got something really cool going on, and as a partner you should know about it. We’re getting ready to make the best integrated amplifier in the world at a great price. We have a new engineering team and we’ve moved production of the nova series to Canada.”

That was all the impetus David needed to come back to Peachtree Audio full-time. They had started the company out of their pockets with no capital and no resources, but once their products started winning awards, it took off.

Dave’s excitement about this product is what got him back to Peachtree Audio, but his heart has always been with the company.

Most of all, he’s excited about re-establishing his relationship with the best retailers in the country, like Alan and HiFi Buys. “I first met with Alan when I brought product into Audio Alternative. I got to know him, and realized this industry was important to him on a lot of levels. He and I feel the same way about this business—it’s our vocation and our avocation. I’m glad to be with someone who is so super-passionate about what he does.”



We can’t wait to talk about Peachtree Audio’s Nova amp in our next blog post. As David says, “Nobody is doing what we’re doing right now at any of these prices, with any of these features or power or where it’s made. We have a unique niche—we consider our products to be the most relevant amplifiers in the world with every hookup and resolution you could need or want.”

We’re pumped! Be sure to check back here for our next post. In the meantime, chat with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram—and use hashtag #WeAreHiFi.


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