Meet Bob Pafundi, the Home Theater Guy at Hifi Buys

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I met Alan about 20 years ago when I purchased a surround system for my home. Music and audio equipment have always been a hobby of mine, so this was a natural transition for me. Alan’s store has always been a fun place to visit and learn about new technologies and industry trends. I like to call it a toy store for big kids!


Most people come into the store and wonder how we can transform a room in their home into a theater or a two-channel room, but don’t know where to get started. This is where I can help.


We have several steps we take to make sure you are getting exactly what you need that also fits in your budget. Typically, I visit your home do a walk through, discuss room layout, how you spend your time in a room and your ultimate vision for the room. I take pictures and measurements of the room to help me put together a system design to meet your preferences. I can work with your designer to ensure our recommendations work with you home’s décor.


When we next meet, we review the completed plan design to ensure it meets your expectations prior to installation. When installation and programming is complete, we spend time making sure you and your family are comfortable with how to operate the system.


One of our customers’ favorite aspects of system control is being able to press one button on their remote to start a movie, dim the lights and set the room’s temperature.


I derive a great deal of satisfaction when I see customers completely immersed in a sporting event, movie, TV show or a favorite musical performance, totally forgetting about the equipment and enjoying the experience.


Come to the store and ask for Bob. I am here to help!



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