CES Takeaways, Part 1 of 2

Here at HiFi Buys, the yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is like Christmas and birthdays rolled into one. The event showcases everything new and hot in consumer electronics and some of the products are just mindblowing.

But we arent necessarily interested in the newest and the shiniest. We like to carry products we can offer our customers that are likely to stand the test of time. Sure, were as dazzled as anybody else by brand new, originaland state-of-the-art. More importantly, though, we like to focus on products by manufacturers who constantly refine. New ideas are important, but a track record of ongoing refinement impresses us more than always trying to invent a new wheel.

Some of the equipment we are most excited about from this years show comes from manufacturers with a commitment to honing and perfecting their products in ways that are beneficial to ALL music lovers, not just those with the deepest pockets. Here is some of the standout equipment we saw at this years CES.

Audio Research Corp.’s Galileo Series

ARC, a company built on vacuum tube technology, has been a leader in the audio industry for many years. Their new president Mike Tsecouras has been in the industry a long time and we are very confident that the company is in great hands. At CES, ARC showed their Galileo Series of amps. The series was inspired by the renowned astronomer who refined the optical technology of his day to see the atmosphere more fully and more deeply than ever before. The G Series pays homage not only to Galileo, but to ARCs founder Bill Johnsons forward thinking about high-end audio in the 1970s. In addition to incredible sound, ARCs industrial designers have done a masterful job with the look of the G Series, which they describe as less lab and more living room. Were excited to bring these products to Atlanta audiophiles.

Vienna Acoustics “Liszt” Loudspeakers

Another product we loved was the new Liszt speaker from Vienna Acoustics. Listening to these speakers is a real experience. The bass is highly defined, midrange is open with a delicate top-end – very dynamic and an absolute pleasure to listen to. These speakers, made in Vienna are not only beautiful but well-made. We look forward to having these in the store for you soon.

Vandersteen Model 7 MK-II

Vandersteens Model 7 loudspeakers have been in steady production for over five years and, frankly, it didnt seem like there was any room for improvement on the original. But at CES, they unveiled their refined Model 7 MK-II and its clear that theyve taken the product to the next level. The improved tweeter/midrange integration and greater bass authority is glorious!

Probably the most exciting thing for me about this years CES was seeing so many manufacturers who are progressing in ways that are beneficial to music lovers across the financial spectrum. In our next blog, well share with you a few more products that got us fired up at this years show, including some home video offerings were excited about. In the meantime, why not stop by the store? Online information is great, but nothing beats the in-store experience at HiFi Buys. Come on by and Get the Experience! We love to talk audio! 

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